Discussion: Faded Stars

Posted: August 20, 2009
William Powell

William Powell

Who is your favorite forgotten Hollywood star? Reel 13 Classics host Neal Gabler’s pick is William Powell. Give us your pick in the comments section below.

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  • Mike Michaels

    Frank Sinatra is my favorite

  • marie gallo

    tyrone power he was my favorite star growing up. not too many pictures of his are featured on TCM or channel THIRTEEN.

  • Ray Blasser

    Warren William is my favorite

  • larry cary

    Paul Muni is one of my favorite forgotten actors. He played many socially progressive movie roles in the 30’s and 40’s but is largely forgotten.

  • Carmine Bassano

    Edna Mae Oliver . . . how’s that for a pip. She was not merely character and/or charicature but also a gifted actress/comedienne and very versatile and a real “character” . . . certainly not a beauty (to put it mild — with all due respect) but charisma and color to spare and say what you will you could NOT help but notice her and remember her when she was on screen if only to wonder . . . a real forgotten “character” the likes of which we’ll never see again.

  • Mary B. Coan

    Dana Andrews is my favorite forgotten star. A close second is Leslie Howard.

  • George Peresman

    Games, must we? James Mason.

  • Mitch Nathanson

    Alan Arkin a man of many theatrical and musical talents is my favorite forgotten star

  • MargeinWestchester

    Dolores del Rio–even as a child, I was struck by her beauty and air of mystery.

  • Bree

    The incredible and woefully underrated Dan Duryea is one of my favorite forgotten stars, and also one whose command of the craft always makes me wonder why Duryea seemed so overlooked during his lifetime.

    One of my favorite Duryea pictures is the film noir “Too Late for Tears” — which by the way features two other compelling forgotten stars — Lizabeth Scott and Arthur Kennedy.

    “Too Late For Tears” is one of Duryea’s best examples of what he could do like no one else — fearlessly play a weak man. I think perhaps one of the hardest things for actors to do is to fully let go into certain types of roles for fear of “being seen” in a certain light. In the golden age of tough guys, Duryea had a genius for portraying vulnerable men, weak men, tender men, and men who would knowingly sacrifice themselves for a woman, even if she was absolutely not worth it!

    A few years ago, I was thrilled to discover the Twilight Zone episode “Mr Denton on Doomsday” — in it, Duryea plays a town drunk who discovers a curious source of courage — and it is one of his most gut-wrenching portrayals. Duryea’s performances, every time I watch them, whether in film or television, still serve as a master class in how to give 110% when the director says “action.”

    Dan Duryea may be gone, but I do hope his work will never truly be forgotten.

  • Sue

    William Holden. He was kind of on the cusp of the “old studio” male movie star, and the newer paradigm. Attractive and masculine, but his emotions evident and very in the moment.

    I have also recently discovered Marion Davies as a “forgotten” star, or more accurately, one who was unfairly remembered for the wrong things ( her relationship with Hearst, the charicature of her in “Citizen Kane”). I just saw a few of her movies recently, and she was really a great comedic actress, maybe the first “screwball” comedienne.

  • Nancy

    Rosalind Russell. She possessed a great deal amount of charm and was always quick with her lines.I loved her delivery every time.
    Auntie Mame, The Trouble with Angels and His Girl Friday. WOW. She is a favorite of mine!

  • Edward

    Mine would be Irene Dunne. What a great comedienne.

  • Pete Cusumano

    Glenn Ford. One of the biggest and greatest..never given the due he should receive.

  • Tom Serpico

    Kathryn Grayson. As a child,I was not particular fond of musicals except for a Kathryn Grayson movie. By 1955, she had made her last movie. I can’t remember the last time that I saw one on TV. She had the most far reaching vocal range.

  • Allison

    Mary Wickes seems to fit the category, and is one of my favorite actress/comediennes of all time. Always on the sidelines, yet always brilliant, she should not be forgotten.

  • Bill

    There are two – Joan Hackett, great actress whose talents were much overlooked. The other is Joan Davis, star of the 1950s tv series “I Married Joan”. She died young. Lucille ball took a lot of the Lucy Ricardo characterization from her. Ball got crdit for early tv but it was Joan Davis who was the original funny and ditzy tv housewife.

  • Bryan

    Way too many to choose from… how about Brian Donlevy, Joel McCrea and John Garfield

  • Rosebud

    One of my favorite forgotten actresses is Paulette Goddard, who starred in “Reap the Wild Wind” w/a young John Wayne; “Kitty” a movie similar to My Fair Lady w/Ray Milland (never shown on TV), and of course “The Women.”

  • Old Movie Lover

    Gosh, there’s soooo many!

    Dana Andrews never got the recog

  • Old Movie Lover

    Gosh, there’s soooo many!

    Dana Andrews never got the recognition he deserved, IMHO. He was terrific in “Laura”.