Discussion: Young actors?

Posted: April 26, 2009

Marion Bridge is a great chance to see a young(er) Ellen Page starting to spread her wings as an actress… before she went on to star in the indie megahit Juno. Who’s your favorite young actor or actress working today, and do you think that they’ll be able to translate their talent into a career as an adult?

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  • Mark Shoffner

    Why oh why are you showing DANCES WITH WOLVES????? A mediocre movie that got much more acclaim than it deserved and really hasn’t stood the test of time… Also, they show it at least twice a year on a competing station UPN-9 in New York. Think again, CHANNEL 13!

  • BenInBrooklyn

    I totally disagree. Its not one of my favorite films, but its certainly a good film. Beautifully shot and one of the first I remember that brought the native americans into the character of the film rather than as props for the action.

  • Tracy Lynn

    DAKOTA FANNING….She is well beyond her age. She has depth, great range, and she knows how tough it is to work in Hollywood. Her professionalism is off the charts. She has dignity, style and grace. OH — yes she is also still an adorable child.

  • Moo

    I am very fond of a lot of the WB crowd.I see a few of the cast of Gossip Girl and Reaper turning into sucessful screen actors,which is already happening for the Supernatural boys.(as well as at 2 least of the Gossip Girl crew).
    Sadly,the whole 90210 thing leaves me cold.

    Where is the discussion for favorite rock and roll movie ?
    I love Hard Days Night,Help ,Spinal Tap,and my all time fave is Rock and Roll High School .

  • Sam

    I think we just went through the coming of age of one of the best “generations” of young/child actors; Anna Paquin, Jenna Malone, Haley Joel Osment, Joseph Gordon Levitt, etc….but now their in their early 20’s and some are burgeoning and others aren’t. I don’t think we’ll see another group of great youngens for a few years now. I agree that Dakota Fanning is one of the best right now, and luckily she seems mature enough already that she’ll be able to transition nicely into an adult actor. Another kid I love right now is Bill Milner from Song of Rambow, but I doubt he’ll have a career as an adult because most of his charm is his honest innocence and awkwardness.

  • Robert

    Hugh Jackman is tops of the list.