Discussion: Female directors?

Posted: April 3, 2009

Hollywood has remained a notoriously difficult place to find work as a female director; only 6% of the membership of the Directors Guild is female. Why do you think there’s such a gender gap among directors?

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  • Nikki

    Because there are more (hiring) male studio heads and exec. producers than there are women. Because the projects that women directors want to do are not consided “saleable.” Because the corporate companies that own the studios are run by men who won’t “trust” a woman with a multi million dollar project. When a woman runs SONY and like corps. that own the studios, then, and only then, will women be an honest percentage of the business as directors, writers and producers.

  • pete peterman

    well, thats actually an easy question…..
    when god created women, he made them with smaller brains then men, leaving them weak and stupid which makes them unable to compete at the same level as a man


    Nikki, i think u nailed it! alas, Mr. Peterman’s
    sarcasm is just too broad.