Discussion: Favorite first film from a director?

Posted: March 24, 2009
House of Games

House of Games

HOUSE OF GAMES was David Mamet’s feature debut. Often, a director’s first film goes unnoticed at the time of release but makes for great viewing later on. Who would have known that the director of the unambitious TV movie about an 18-wheeler from hell would go on to be THE Steven Spielberg? Do you have a favorite “first film?”

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  • artlover

    this movie was obvious, boring, and had a lot of continuity problems, considering mamet is such a blow-hard about the craft of filmmaking. i can’t begin to imagine why 13 considers it a ‘classic’.
    it’s dated, but not for any reasons that redeem it.
    certain people love overbearing men with ego disorders; i am not one of them.