Discussion: Bette’s Best

Posted: January 15, 2010

Bette Davis gave a lot of great performances.  Which one is your favorite?  Neal Gabler favors The Little Foxes.

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  • rayban

    How could you pick just one? I do have a lot of favorites, though. But one, no, I just couldn’t.

  • Clare

    My favorite would have to be ‘Dead Ringer’.

  • arlene

    My very favorite is Now Voyager..she was fantastic

  • Stefanrude

    The Letter. Nothing beats Bette unloading a gun on her lover in the opening scene.

  • Al

    The Little Foxes & The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex

  • Evelyn

    My favorite is all about Eve

  • Helen

    By far, Now Voyager, but a close second, for me, is All This and Heaven Too.

  • Wadiya Ali

    All About Eve, Bette’s great comeback performance.

  • Robert

    Beyond the Forest- the film in which she utters the immortal line “What a Dump”. She burns up the screen in that one.

  • angela Frink

    I am partial ti the films she made very early in career such as of human bondage which she said in her own words “she was the first b* tch heroine” and the movie dangerous also defined her acting styles. At that time, women were supposed to be sweet and demure she broke the mold because she was sassy yet she had people rooting for her .

  • Lisa

    All About Eve – There are so many grea lines in that movie.

  • Nikki

    Her early films are wonderful, and I’d add to the list those that she did later on, like “The Whales of August” with Lillian Gish; and “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte” with that hunting smile that Davis gives as she’s taken away; and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” and her dance on the beach at the end.

  • Paula

    My all time favorite Bette Davis movie is Now Voyager because of her transformation from a old maid to a sexy woman.

  • Bill

    She starred in so many good flicks. My favorite is “Hush…Hush, Sweet Chaarlotte”, a Grand Guignol thriller and suspense film. I was age eleven the first time I saw it, and it scared the daylights out of me.

  • Bill

    She starred in so many good flicks. My favorite is “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte”, a Grand Guignol thriller and suspense film. I was age eleven the first time I saw it, and it scared the daylights out of me.

  • Jason

    The Old Maid. Her transformation from a beautiful, lovelorn young woman to a lonely, bitter old maid is brilliant & moving.

  • Jackie Healy

    I’d have to say I have two very favourites…early years, The Petrified Forest and the later years has to be All About Eve! I’m a huge Bette Davis fan so it’s hard to choose just one favourite…they’re all great!

  • Joanna Barouch

    For sheer, heartbreaking storytelling, “All This and Heaven Too”; “Now Voyager for all the reasons already stated”; “All About Eve” which is the classic of classics, and for guilty pleasure of a kind, “Jezebel”. “Dark Victory” wasn’t so bad either! Has anyone seen “All This and Heaven Too” as part of a Davis DVD set?

  • vera

    its ALL ABOUT EVE FOR ME,#1. and BABY JANE.#2

  • Joyce A. Zucker

    I can’t remember the name of the film, but I always liked her as a school teacher in a mining town. One of her students becomes a writer and she adopts his illegitamate child.

  • Kahlua

    All About Eve, hands down. Her ability to be sassy, strong but also vulnerable, and insecure as an aging star of the theatre is brilliant.But much is due to the impeccable screenplay by Joseph L. Mankiewez.”Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy night”
    A close second is Now Voyager- every second of her performance is pure perfection, stunningly acted. Her ‘reserve’ with her overbearing mother is wonderful.

  • paul georges

    Until Baby Jane came along my favirite Bette Davis film was “Of Human Bondage”, but now it has to be “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”, which, by the way is hers also. During a Q&A talk show on television, live, not long before her death, she responded as such to a questioner from the audience.

  • Nikki

    Joyce – that movie was “The Corn Is Green.”

  • Sam

    The Letter. She’s both cool/controlled AND passionate. Fire & ice.

  • KBeathryn

    Bette Davis never gave a less than stunning performance in any movie that she was ever in, however her performance in ‘Jezebel’ is not just stunning, she is completely unforgettable! If you have not seen this movie, I promise that when you do, you will never forget it. In my humble opinion, she is the most powerful and greatest actor that this world will ever see.

  • linda

    all of her movies were great!!!

  • Jackie Healy

    I never saw All This and Heaven Too so I’ve just ordered it in my rental list. Sounds very good!