THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1960): Fed up with being brutalized and impoverished because of outlaw raids led by a merciless brigand (Eli Wallach), the besieged citizens of a small Mexican town hire seven American gunslingers to stave off the marauders once and for all. Badass Yul Brynner heads the band of mercenaries, which includes Hollywood luminaries Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn and Robert Vaughn. Elmer Bernstein penned the film’s unforgettable score.

Directed by John Sturges

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  • annie

    what a great movie …. i loved it …. again !!

  • Richard Veloso

    A Great Film! here is how I would recast it today:

    Y.B.=Bruce Willis, S.M.= Brad Pitt, C.B.=Vin Diesal, J.C.=Ed Burns, R.V.= Ben Aflack, H.B.= Benicio DelToro, and Eli Wallach=James Olmos

    P. S. Please run the great film from 1939 “Beau Geste”