Air Date: Saturday, July 4th at 9pm on THIRTEEN

A poignant comedy about a mute who befriends Nicole, the little daughter of a prostitute. Jackie Gleason shows his considerable talents as an actor without uttering a sound as he plays the bumbling, kind-hearted janitor, Gigot. Gleason wrote the original story and music for this film. Directed by Gene Kelly. IMDB

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  • Sue

    This film is excellent…an old time classic starring one of Hollywood’s absolute finest, Jackie Gleason. Extremely touching, emotional film. I wish there would be more quality shows like this on TV. Please keep up the excellent work at channel 13. I can’t thank you enough for broadcasting quality family films. Excellent!!

  • peter van aken

    what is “form the film”????

    (Short Clip form the Film)

  • Pat

    This movie was slooooooow to start and painful to watch. I’m not surprised I had never heard of it. How could you call it a classic?

  • Joe Kesselman

    Pacing of movies has changed over the years. Folks who have grown up with today’s slam-bang-disaster-or-quip-every-minute pace often have trouble learning to appreciate the more thoughtful, character-driven pace of older films. I’m old enough to remember Gleason and this one doesn’t give me any touble, but I have to consciously adjust my expectations for some early films — the Disney Snow White, for example, is a melodrama in the original sense and is paced as such.

    There’s a lot of stuff which is legitimately classics but which you really won’t appreciate until you understand the rules behind them — much like learning to understand and appreciate forms of music you haven’t previously been exposed to. If you care about film history and/or filmmaking, it’s worth the effort.

    Of course not everyone does, or necessarily should, care that much. If it isn’t to your taste, that’s a legitimate reaction. But the answer to “how could you call it a classic” is “by applying the criteria appropriate to films of its time.”