Soldier in the Rain

Soldier in the Rain (1963): The bond of friendship between a worldly-wise Army Master Sergeant and his naive worshiper.

Directed by Ralph Nelson

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  • harvey stein

    I love this movie. Shows a certain type of relationship between two very different, yet similar, men. I would also love it if you would show the original cut of the “war” movie “The Victors”.

  • Doc

    A great steve and jackie flic

  • Steven john Bosch

    It’s a good film. McQueen, I think, made a mistake about the character Eustus Clay. It seems like he was self-conciously playing a doofus. I think in comedy, the characters have to be played as if they are utterly convinced that they have the right take on the world and everything they do makes perfect sense to them. I saw this once in a screen test Walter Matthau made for “The Seven Year Itch.” He played the role of the husband like a perpetual whiner as if he was saying, “look at this jerk.” Compare that to his excellent Oscar Madison in the “Odd Couple.” Oscar is a slob, a lecher, and an all around jerk. But even he has moments of self awareness though most of the time he’s on to his next woman, card game or off to the race track.