RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP (1958): In Run Silent, Run Deep, Clark Gable plays a WWII submarine Commander with an Ahab-like fixation on the Japanese destroyer that sank his previous vessel. Burt Lancaster is his executive officer who stands up to the obsessed Commander, and the two go toe-to-toe as they realize that this submarine isn’t big enough for the both of them. Run Silent, Run Deep features the film debut of Don Rickles as a wisecracking crewman.

Director: Robert Wise

Robert Wise began his career as an editor for Orson Welles (and uncredited director of some sequences of The Magnificent Ambersons). After working with Welles, Wise made his directorial debut with Curse of the Cat People, from notorious horror producer Val Lewton. Wise would find success as a director in almost every genre, including horror (The Body Snatcher, The Haunting), science fiction (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Star Trek: The Motion Picture), musical (West Side Story with Jerome Robbins, The Sound of Music), and thriller (The Set-Up, The Andromeda Strain). He is often cited as being an “invisible” director, letting the story dictate the filmmaking technique.

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  • Peter

    What year was Run Silent, Run deep movie made?



  • Jennifer K.


  • shojun

    I never saw a Robert Wise movie I didn’t like.

  • Joe

    Very good movie; a time when men were men. Imagine being in something as constricting as a submarine, and having to keep your wits while boats above dropped depth charges. Could you?

  • Hap –

    off topic…
    As a young child in the ’40’s, the c grade second feature was a sub pic where it could not resurface; a rescue device allowed for one person at a time to be pulled up in a bucket(?) type device. The shipboard dog, (yes, maybe it was a d grade movie :)) could not use the controls, so the man who had drawn the lot for when his turn would be to exit before the device failed gave his turn to the dog and stayed below for last. He did not make it off the ship. For more than 60 years I have been trying to think of the name and cast of that movie. Is there anyone out there who can help me out?

  • Bob

    A great and true read.

    Stalking the Red Bear.

    Real Cold War Submarine Drama,

    Bob 696 USS New York City SSN-696

  • Patrick F.Gallagher

    The reason why Submarine movies are so Popular is that during WWII it was refered to as the Silent Service.They we re the first branch of the Navy that toke the war back to the Japanese. My late father and his younger brother were both submarine service veterians of WWII.Plus the submarine services deeds were kept secret and under wraps until after the war was over. If you ever want the histoty of what the sub crews did . Go to Hackensack, NJ and visit the USS Ling and the museam .Ask questions and you wlill learn alot.The reason why the deeds of the American Submarine Service was kept under wraps was to keep the enemy in the dark as to what we were doing to them.

  • Patrick F.Gallagher

    One thing that both my father and his brother use to say was that if a depth charge was ever as close to a sub as they are in the movies the sub and crew would be history. Meaning that they would be all dead and at the bottom of the sea. The other thing was that the scariest things that could happen to a subs crew was a depth charge attack and a torpedo that came back at the sub.

  • Hank Broder

    During the Viet Nam War I served in the Submarine Service. Obviously, we didn’t see any enemy action since in Viet Nam there was no deep water fighting. But, at sub school in New London, CT, they showed us every submarine movie that was available back then as well as episodes of Victory At Sea.