Never on Sunday

Never on Sunday (1960)

Never on Sunday (1960)

Never on Sunday (1960): An American scholar in Greece sets about improving a prostitute he’s infatuated with.

Directed by Jules Dassin

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  • Stephen

    Interesting, but would have been better if I had been able to see the entire screen. Was not able to read the bottom line of subtitles because the bottom half fell off the lower edge of the viewable area. Could not read the right end of the top line of subtitles due to interference from the “Thirteen” logo. [Would really like it if the Thirteen logo could be removed or made much more transparent when viewing things like classic movies – I find it to be generally very distracting – especially in very dark scenes or when dealing with subtitles.] I had black bars at the top and bottom of my TV screen above and below the movie frames, so I assume the cropping was done prior to broadcast rather than by my TV.

  • Emily

    one of those senseless, all over the place, enjoyments! I really thought it charming, given its unique subject and topic, and how it questions the (un)/ importance of categories and virtues when it comes to being virtuous and happy. For Illyia is specifically portrayed as not being unintelligent, or unwise, though much “saving” she needs is unclear.