MEET JOHN DOE (1941): When a journalist (Barbara Stanwyck) forges a suicide note decrying the corruption and general lack of civic disinterest in America, her editor (James Gleason) hires a hobo (Gary Cooper) to impersonate the note’s soon-to-be-deceased author. What began as a fraudulent gimmick to increase sales gets out of their control, however, when the hobo assumes the identity of the note’s author, “John Doe,” and starts a national grassroots movement that draws uneasy attention from politicians, labor leaders, and the paper’s owner, media tycoon D. B. Norton (Edward Arnold).

Coo-written by Robert Riskin and Frank Capra, directed by Frank Capra.

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  • Roy

    Love this film, especially the speech. It made me cry.

  • howard

    love the clip. love the film. I think it’s good to see today.

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  • dana

    WOW i totally loved this movie! i really thought the better ending would’ve been if John did go through and kill himself (and like the girl ended up dying of pneumonia or something). i actually had dollar signs in my eye while watching this because i was thinking REMAKE!!! and if not in america then elsewhere. i even thought hmm maybe bolltwood (because i LOVE bollywood)…so i go and read more about Meet John Doe on wikipedia n then it says THERE ALREADY WAS A BOLLYWOOD REMAKE..Main Azaad Hoon..i was soo ANGRY lol but yea awesome movie

  • Mary

    You have shown this movie before. Why repeat it? I would prefer to see something else.