Look Back in Anger

Air Date: Saturday, February 26 at 9pm on THIRTEEN

Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger (1958)

Look Back in Anger (1958): A disillusioned, angry university graduate comes to terms with his grudge against middle-class life and values.

Directed by Tony Richardson

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  • Zachary Nash

    Fine, fine, fine movies;this movie brings out fine and contriversal ideology and passion.Look Back in Anger also leaves me with the feeling of conmfort when leaving loved ones or other values.

    Patrick harris i beleive is the name of the main character draws me in with his angerly tactics and output of missunderstood/ignorant confusion towards ones around him.

  • Zachary Nash

    Richard burton

  • Emily

    Thank you so much for re-showing this movie! I remember a previous Reel 13 showed this movie and I just left it on TV and watched it solemnly while surfing on my laptop because I took to be a movie I wouldn’t really watch. Yet, something about it, the starkness of it, let me watch it meanderingly. I quietly raised my eyebrows at the end thoughtfully and thought it a bit strange and a story that made the most excitement out of this bare and plain surrounding in the film, which was somehow eroticly grim and interestingly puzzling. The second time around, I was even more interested,and I absorbed it much more, saw into it much more and decided it was more then I took it for. It was something else besides 2 hrs of a mad mindless banshee of a man yelling and screaming and gave everyone a headache. At first glance, he seems like a madman no one wants to listen to, but take a closer look, he’s a tortured human who has who is forever trapped like a poor mad animal writhing like mad in a cage he is driven mad in that he cannot and/or will not get out of. He is mad at the world, mad at his life, and mad at all the idiots that the world seems to be made of. He is outrageous, deeply disrepectful, rude, and completely isolated and lonely. Its his bitter fight against the world and how he deeply distraughts those and loved ones around him.

  • Zachary Nash

    As to your conclusion, however he was highly respectible and because of that erratic/wandering as if to fill a void.I conclude it was a great physciatrical spectacle for the blunt and therefore feeble minded to the ignorance that is anger.