Goodbye Again

Goodbye Again (1961)

Goodbye Again (1961)

Goodbye Again (1961): Ingrid Bergman stars in this adaptation of Francoise Sagan’s best selling novel about an older woman who strikes up a love affair with a younger man.

Directed by Anatole Litvak

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  • Emily

    I am so grateful once again that reel 13 showed a film I would never watch on my own but adore after having seen it on television. I love it when I’m home on a Saturday night and the right movie, one that captures your interest, is there to acompany you and take you into a world away. “Goodbye Again” was one of those films. Though you can tell from the start that the situation is inevitably tragic, you still can’t help hoping in vain hope that this beautiful, but lonely, middle-aged woman will find a love situation that will bring her happiness. Between the lover who refuses to take responsibility and the charming, boyish young man who is willing do anything for her love— the 40-year-old Paula strays into an entanglement of affection, hoping to banish the melancholy and loneliness in her life, while still yearning for the right love that can suit her.