Gaslight (1944): When famous entertainer Alice Alquist is murdered, police fail to find the killer, and her niece Paula is sent away to school. When Paula returns to London ten years later with her husband, the unsolved murder comes back to haunt her.

Directed by George Cukor

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  • hannah Podob

    Wasn’t there another ending to Gaslight? Where Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman are on the way to a mental hospital where he wants to commit her and she turns the table on him, and the commit him instead.
    What happened to that ending?

  • AnilN

    In the introduction to Gaslight, Neal Gabler was standing on a Manhattan street with a whole row of working street gaslights. Does anyone know which street/place that was?

  • Martin Rossi

    We watched it with my Aunt Katherine at her shore home on Long Beach Island. It was very good, even our young daughter was captivated by the story and couldn’t wait to see what happened near the end. Great storytelling and terrific acting. I had forgotten how brilliant an actress Bergman was. Hollywood needs to make more movies like this.

  • Jason

    That story that he told after the movie, about I.B. and the other guy being under contract and having to attend a party, and they show up pretending to be waiters and getting drunk… Is there a link or reference to that story on the web somewhere?

    I’d seen this movie ages and ages ago and forgot all about it- only caught the end but it was nice to see I.B. big scene…..


  • Jason

    And oh- @AniLN – Can’t say for Manhattan, but there are a handful of blocks in Park Slope Brooklyn that still having working/running/real gaslights out in front…..