Exodus (1960): An Israeli activist helps ex-European Israelis flee containment camps in Cyprus, where they have been taken by the British after WWII.

Directed by Otto Preminger

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  • Cecilia Linkow

    It is an excellent movie and I would like to know if it is possible to buy it. I would like very much to see it.
    Thank you

  • Jennifer Gersch

    G-d bless you for selecting Exodus. One of the best films ever made, and the score is to die for.

  • adrienne scherberg

    can’t wait to see it for the umpteenth time. thank you.

  • David Webb

    We do not need to see a film about European occupation of a foreign land and the displacement of the native people.

  • Robert Braun

    More than Arabs displaced in 1948 were the number of Jews expelled from Arab lands. The vast majority of Arabs could have remained and did, the Arab Jews did not. Since initially they were the bulk of Israelis, it’s too bad that their plight couldn’t be included. An excellent film nonetheless.

  • Elaine Nathan

    I DVR”d Exodus the last time it was shown on PBS and only got 3 and 1/2 hours instead of the entire film (about 4 hours). Will it be shown again in the near future?

    Thank you.
    Elaine Nathan

  • Don Gordon

    It gave me a better appreciation for the trials involved in the creation of the State of Israel. A classic movie that also teaches.