Elmer Gantry

Elmer Gantry (1960): Elmer Gantry is a fast talking, hard drinking traveling salesman who always has a risqué story and a hip flask to entertain cronies and customers alike.

Directed by Richard Brooks

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  • Stephen Mattson

    I find it very interesting that you removed a Facebook post critical of your plan to broadcast Elmer Gantry on Christmas night. The post stated that the plan to show a film which depicted a religious charlatan on one of the holiest Christian days of the year, instead of a holiday film like White Christmas or The Bishop’s wife was not an accident, but was consistent with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s long-standing policy of bashing Christians. That is the only possible explanation for showing this movie, and for NPR reporter Nina Totenberg to say on a broadcast “And I was at–forgive the expression–a Christmas party at the Department of Justice…” without any possible ramifications. Of course, since only Christians were insulted and not Muslims, there is no problem from a CPB policy perspective. As a taxpayer, I intend to do everything I can to ensure that my dollars no longer fund this organization.

  • Big Bill from Brooklyn

    I am a Jesuit educated, cradle Catholic who was again moved by this movie classic. Jesus Himself spoke of false gods and prophets throughout His public ministry, and we are all well advised on this of all nights to remember His guiding words. I thank you for this fine reminder of true faith.

  • barent

    to mr. mattson,sir, you are so completely missing the point…