Dances with Wolves

Dances with Wolves (1990)

Dances with Wolves (1990)

Dances With Wolves (1990): A Civil War veteran travels to the American frontier and falls in with the Sioux people, eventually defending them against his own army.

Directed by Kevin Costner

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  • Harry

    OKAY here’s the info on this weeks movie


    4-5 web site revisions in 1 year and the core info is never there – High School Students could make a better site.

    A Bar Chart/Graph is of no help if the Bar si too small to show the time within th bar and there is no way to expand the bar.

    Thank the Universe for Coprorate efforts like Hulu for
    1.TRUE ALTERNATIVE viewing
    2. Ease of Navigation
    3. Show Time, Run Time and data
    4. Links that don’t loop back up on itself and actually take you to new and additional information
    5. Steaming form a site so you don’t have to hassle with beings who don’t realize it’s not about the Content[or wher it is] – it’s when the Content CAN BE SEEN.

    I’m tired of using IMDB [Internet Movie Database] to figure out when a movie ends. Until the CORE BROADCAST LISTINGS improve – this Site is a waste as a GUIDE.

    I’m tired fo emailing NEEDED suggestions.

    PS: Hulu has given human replies to questiosn and corrections I have posted to them within 48 hours. {no canned responses]

  • janet n.

    I enjoyed seeing “Dances With Wolves” again so much. I loved it the 1st time & I loved it just as much again this time. Kevin Costner did a wonderful job with this film & is deserving of every award he received. It is a beautiful story & film.