BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967): A bored small-town girl and a bank robber leave in their wake a string of violent robberies and newspaper headlines that capture the imagination of the Depression-struck Mid-West.

Directed by Arthur Penn

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  • Rita

    Best Warren B. film, hands down: Heaven Can Wait! The more you see it, the funnier it is and the background music makes it more so. Like the background music when Joe, as Leo Farnsworth, is training for the Supper Bowl with his wait staff, “I bought the Rams.” The lines and message are classic: “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” “Mr. Farnsworth said, ‘Don’t hold back.’ You can ignore his racist remarks.” “I’m not really Leo Farnsworth.” The matter of fact attitude by James Mason when he points to Farnsworth sinking in the tub, “You see this here is a murder, those two downstairs…” Even the minute hand gestures used by Beatty when he waves off the angel, “Get out of here, you’re bad news!” The demeanor and stance, “What do you mean I won’t remember?” It really makes one think…how some minutes take forever and others go by so fast. Does time ever stand still? I LOVE this film. It’s also fulfilling for the viewer, gives hope that everything is going according to a divine plan and we each get an opportunity to reach our, “true destiny.” I can watch this film a million times and it never gets stale. The cast is all A list artists and I love that Mr. Beatty has a co-director in Buck Henry–who hardly has to speak to provoke humor. I’ve seen most of Mr. Beatty’s films but I think this is his best directorial and acting. I know some say “Reds.” This is purer, to the point and more focused. At the end, “Do you want a cup of coffee?” He is no longer Joe or Leo. As Jarret Beatty has a different walk, gestures and you know that the character you’ve been watching and loved throughout the film is gone but Beatty makes it okay. He’s on the right track and that’s all that matters – destiny! It deserves a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and etc., look. I LOVE THIS FILM! One day many more people are going to agree with me. Keep watching