A Walk in the Clouds

A Walk in the Clouds (1995): A married chocolate salesman agrees to pose for a day as the new husband of a pregnant vineyard heiress in postwar California.

Directed by Alfonso Arau

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  • Patti

    I don’t care what any one says, I absolutely adore this film. It is a wonderful, sweet, old fashion romance. It has gorgeous scenary and a beautful musical score. I haven’t seen it in a very long time so I was really delighted to watch it tonight. Thank you Reel13.

  • Emily

    I second that opinion! I just saw it for the first time though!
    There are so many romance movies made int eh 1980s and 1990s that I think are more air than profundity, such as Pretty Woman. I can see how wonderfully charming it can be, but it never really touched me the way it did for so many people. However, though understandly seen as typically, I think there’s something magical about this film. It’s not a masterpiece but it certainly makes those cliche romances have a run for its money. It has it’s own honest innocence and blatant faith in dreams and true love, no matter what inconvenient circumstance, that, though sappy, just seem to work.
    I really enjoyed it!

  • Thelma

    Loved this movie. Beautiful, romantic, a lovely experience. I missed a piece of it – and am praying you will show it again!