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Panel Discussion: Low Cost/No Cost Filmmaking

December 10, 2009

Christopher Allen, founder and director of UnionDocs, independent producer and new head of programming at UnionDocs, Steve Holmgren, our very own Reel 13 producers Rich Siegmeister and Bob Morris, and Keith Boynton and Mike Lavoie of 12films12weeks met at DCTV for a New York Film/Video Council discussion about low-cost filmmaking, exploring how filmmakers with low budgets can produce valuable work.

Freelance multimedia producer and documentary filmmaker Pamela Cohn, the moderator of the discussion, wrote about the event on her blog, Still in Motion:

As Wild West-ish as the independent film community can be about our methods of production, most New York-based media makers, particularly first-timers, will really only register a small amount of distribution and exhibition advice from the guru-of-the-moment, take it as gospel, and try a recipe that might be mildly successful for some, but is far from a panacea for how to find appropriate outlets for original content.  It’s not necessary to fork over hundreds of dollars so “an expert” can tell you how to DIY yourself through a mountain of work with, oftentimes, very little in return.  We need only look a bit further and broaden our horizons just a tad to find viable distribution and marketing partnerships that reside, literally, in our backyard.

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