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Episode 5 Preview

Freddie and Stuart invite Ash and his new girlfriend, Chloe, to dinner. Things seem to be looking up for Ash, but tensions mount as the evening progresses.

Air Dates

  • THIRTEEN Holiday Special Saturday, Dec. 27 4:30am
  • WLIW21
  • NJTV
    • Kris DiLorenzo

      Did no one at Thirteen read the script of “Vicious” before agreeing to air it? There were jokes about rape in there! Clearly the writer has no clue what rape means, but at least SOMEONE at Thirteen should have vetted the episode in advance and done something about it. There is NOTHING funny about the subject of rape. The writer obviously thinks it means “seduction.” Did not one female at Thirteen object to the script??

      • john elliott

        It’s called “Vicious”…not politically correct.

        • xuxu3

          John, Kris was obviously being very sensitive about the word ‘rape’ – I thought Violet was hilarious and really would have loved Ashe making love to her. I heard the word “rape” but didn’t think of it considering the fact that “VICIOUS” is a sit com.

    • let it go ….

      what is wrong with laughter …. this is delightful ….. except to political correct

    • let it go ….

      ya know on second thought ……. PBS did what I never dreamed they could do

      In one half hour they offended …. the TEA Party, Republicans, Socker Moms,

      Democrats…. Gays, Liberals ………Democrats from Vermont ….
      pick up truck drivers …………

      way to go ……. let’s all increase our contributions ………

      • http://NYC-ARTS.org Joe Harrell

        Ha…that’s amazing.

    • Judy b

      Love it!

    • Crystalyn

      Who doesn’t love this show? It’s funny as well as a bit naughty. I have news for those complaining in the comments section, YOUR AGE IS SHOWING. Lighten up! –

    • L Rutledge

      I’ve watched all of the episodes so far, hoping it would get better, but the humor is predictable and cliche’, and it’s so over-acted, by really good actors. I find it more annoying than entertaining. I’m disappointed.

    • SabreCliff28

      TV.com indicates that there was a Christmas special. Will PBS show that episode toward the end of the year?

      • http://twitter.com/JoeHarrellNYC Joe Harrell

        The holiday special airs Christmas night at 9:30 on THIRTEEN.

    • mefog

      This show is totally love-able. So what if they overact it, that’s the obvious. as far as the reference to rape in an comedic sitcom , have u viewed the trash on regular t.v.? There are references to rape on adult cartoons. No one is negating it, just taken out of a serious context, ie vicious, it is funny, maybe not policticaly correct.

    • Crystalyn

      Love it! Love it! Refreshing and a bit naughty.