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Unlocking Sherlock - Preview

Find out how Conan Doyle’s Victorian super-sleuth became the hit series “Sherlock” on MASTERPIECE.

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  • WLIW21
  • NJTV
    • paulrw63

      I tuned in to the opening episode of “Sherlock” with Cumberbatch as the weirdo, and Moffat & Gatiss as the butcher-writers.
      It ran 2 hours, but I turned it off after but 34 minutes, due to the mess it was made into. Mumbled dialogue, jumps & cuts in continuity, twisted filming…. I really preferred a traditionalist treatment. It was too hard to follow, and, without closed captioning, I would have turned it off after 10 minutes, not 34.

      I won’t be making the mistake of watching such a mess again.