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The Billionaire Building - Preview

Follow the teams tasked with creating New York’s most luxurious residential skyscraper.
  • RoRo Kaye

    This looks great! can’t wait to see it!! I enjoy seeing programs showing how buildings are built- I find it amazing to see the progress as each floor is done.

  • StanChaz

    Sears tower has taller top floor in actual use…and how old is it?

  • StanChaz

    The design seems to be smooth, apparently without places that will trap the snow and ice. But the fact is that we had problems of ice falling from the building this week. Is this merely due too the fact that top of the building is not finished – or is there a design problem that needs fixing to prevent future episodes of dangerous ice falls?

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About Super Skyscrapers

As urban space shrinks, we build higher and faster than ever before, creating a new generation of skyscrapers. Super skyscrapers are pushing the limits of engineering, technology and design to become greener, stronger, smarter and more luxurious than their predecessors. This four-part series follows the creation of four extraordinary buildings, showcasing how they will revolutionize the way we live, work and protect ourselves from potential threats. Read more about each episode below.
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