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Scheduled for broadcast around the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, this two-part American Experience biography provides a fresh look at an enigmatic man who has become one of the nation's most beloved and most mourned leaders.

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  • http://NYC-ARTS.org Joe Harrell

    All of these look fantastic.

  • Calvin Pipher

    is there anyone besides bob schiffer that actually thinks oswald acted alone or even acted at all????

    • kalbah

      Earlier this morning, on CBS This Morning, a forensic scientist showed proof that Oswald could have acted alone. We may never know!

      • Calvin Pipher

        Who???? And what???? Be in the Dal-Tex building on the 2nd floor and behind the grassy knoll and in the sewer at the same time???? Look at who is telling you the garbage then listen to Woody Harrelson who’s father admitting to being involved. Listen to E.Howard Hunt’s son telling us what his father told him. Stop being a simpleton. This was done by the military industrial complex that Ike warned us about as he was running out the door. He wanted to end the War in Vietnam, end the CIA and cut out the Oil Depreciation Allowance!!!!! Thats why he was murdered. BTW, listen on YouTube to LBJ’s girlfriend say that when he left the party at Clint Murcheson’s house where Hoover, Nixon, Johnson, Howard Hughes, David Rockefeller, Maxwell Taylor, Cabell-mayor of Dallas were the night of 21 November, LBJ said well he wouldn’t have to worry about that SOB Bobby Kennedy anymore. Wake the f up!!!!

      • Joe

        The Zapruder film clearly shows that Kennedy was shot from the front. There was a second gunman.

      • Kate

        You need to watch the Nova special. It uses the latest forensic tools to confirm there was one gunman shooting from behind and explains why we erroneously think Kennedy was shot from the front. The documentary doesn’t address Oswald’s motive or whether he was working for someone else but it does prove he was the lone shooter.

  • Ham Brower

    Watch video interview of Rep. Neil Gallagher on J. Edgar Hoover and Kennedy assassinations on YouTube. Very eye-opening.

  • StanChaz

    I remember the front page story in the New York Times dated November 22, 1963.–the very day the President was assassinated . A story which announced that President Kennedy was beginning a withdrawal of troops from South Vietnam. God, how things might have been different, and better, if he, and his brother, and MLK had lived their lives to their natural end…

  • bostongirl

    I remember that infamous day as clearly if it happened today. I was at work in the lab of a hospital when the glassware washer came in and said”did you heat that Kennedy was shop”. We thought that he was just going to tell us a “sick joke” which were common then. We were all in disbelief until more people came into the lab in tears. I had to go into the wards to draw bloodwork and patients were laying there crying. We were all numb during the next days. I remember sitting glued to the tv watching over again and again the footage about JFK ( I was in Boston where he was also our fair-haired boy helping to heal our nation,) Somehow that day srill is vivid and unbelievable in my mind and heart.I still wonder what would have been if he was able to fulfill his and the people’s dreams for our country.

  • Mary McDermott

    I was a young 28 year old mother when I voted for J
    fK. I was thrilled when he was elected. He was young, handsome, catholic and Irish much like what African Americans must have felt when Obama was elected. His inauguration speech inspired me. I watched every one of his press conferences. His gentle humor and knowledge never failed to enthrall me His assassination was one of the most significant events of my life. I lost my idealism after that and have never felt the same about any election since. Mary McDermott

    • Guest

      I understand how you feel. I feel no enthusiasm for any political leader at all.

  • obamacare

    i love you john f kennedy and i can’t wait until the day i die. when i an finally be with you. when im awarded in heaven with the love of my life. to finally be able to touch you with my own hands, run my hair through your soft fur and touch your muscles, put on your tie and call myself kat the president. I have your name tattooed on my chest and I give my body to you as your temple. i am yours and you are mine and it is written in the stars in blood., I love you john f kennedy i love you and when we die our corpses will be buried together until we intertwine and our ribcages become locked together and a bed of flowers grows from the fecund earth where our love will linger forevermore

  • Bernice Greenberg

    The documentary was so illuminating and fair.
    I was teaching in an elementary school when a teacher who had heard the news on a radio burst into my room crying. The children were confused and began to move from their desks to the windows to see what had made the teacher weep. We had an early dismissal and we were all in a state of shock. It couldn’t be true.

  • Maggie

    If one thing could encapsulate the somber mood that this event evokes in me all these years later, it would be the solemn military drumbeat as the funeral cortege followed the caisson bearing Kennedy’s coffin along the avenues of Washington. I was 13, but I can hear the drumbeat clearly all these years later.