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PBS NewsHour full episode Oct. 20, 2014

Monday on the NewsHour, while Nigeria is declared free of Ebola, we take a look at the life of an ambulance worker in Liberia. Also: bolstering the fight against Islamic State forces, voter ID confusion ahead of upcoming midterm elections, former GOP leader Bob Dole calls for a return to bipartisanship, what ‘Apple Pay’ means for mobile commerce and protests against a modern opera.

Air Dates:

  • THIRTEEN Tuesday, Oct. 21 7:00pm
  • WLIW21 Tuesday, Oct. 21 6:00pm
  • NJTV
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    • Vinko Ivo Milić Díaz

      The best news…from THIRTEEN and WETA. The NewsHour rocks!!! Thank you @hari for this news show.