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PBS NewsHour full episode Jan. 26, 2015

Tonight on the program, we take a look at the looming blizzard threat in the Northeast. Also: President Obama aims to protect Alaska's oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, what is driving young Muslims to extremism, one detainee's story of being held at Guantanamo, two major GOP events signal the start of the presidential race, and virtual reality as a new tool for filmmakers at Sundance.

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  • THIRTEEN Tuesday, Jan. 27 7:00pm
  • WLIW21 Tuesday, Jan. 27 6:00pm
  • NJTV
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    • Vinko Ivo Milić Díaz

      The best news…from THIRTEEN and WETA. The NewsHour rocks!!! Thank you @hari for this news show.

    • WJBT

      Why are you asking if torture is effective? Is rape effective? Is murder effective? If torture is immoral and illegal it is WRONG!! Regardless if it is effective.