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PBS NewsHour full episode Dec. 22, 2014

Monday on the NewsHour, we examine the rising tensions in New York in the wake of the murder of two police officers. Also: what’s behind a massive Internet failure in North Korea, a simple children’s toy turns into new tool for the blind, what’s next for Obamacare, Pope Francis delivers an untraditional Christmas message and a unique oral history project preserves American stories.

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  • THIRTEEN Tuesday, Dec. 23 7:00pm
  • WLIW21 Tuesday, Dec. 23 6:00pm
  • NJTV
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    • Vinko Ivo Milić Díaz

      The best news…from THIRTEEN and WETA. The NewsHour rocks!!! Thank you @hari for this news show.

    • WJBT

      Why are you asking if torture is effective? Is rape effective? Is murder effective? If torture is immoral and illegal it is WRONG!! Regardless if it is effective.