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The Sandy Hook Promise

Francine and David Wheeler, whose son Ben was one of the 20 children killed in the December 14th attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, lift their voices in collaboration with legendary folk singer Peter Yarrow to end gun violence.

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    • Sofie

      Thank you for having alternative voice like Richard Wolff.

    • Pr. Daniela G & Dr. Allan R.

      Where is the Sunday at 6PM slot for Bill Moyers. I want it back!!!! I will not donate to PBS if Bill Moyers doens’t have BOTH 6PM and 11 PM as before. I am leaving if Bill Moyers does’t have both slots as BEFORE. Why 11:30 PM. Is PBS a coward to put the Moyers truth featured and earlier. Why is it now 11:30 instead of 11 PM, Is it the racist, cruel Koch Bros. doing? WE WANT MORE MOYERS. MOYERS AND CO. IS HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE NEWS HOUR WHICH IS TOO MIDDLING. GIVING EQUAL TIME TO THE “HITLERS” OF OUR TIME AND WE ALL KNOW IT. MOYERS IS THE VERY BEST PROGRAMMING YOU HAVE.

      Pr. Daniela Gioseffi and Allan B. Rubin, M.D.
      Daniela Gioseffi MEMBER Channel 13 PBS.

    • Dr. and Ms. D G Josephs

      Bill Moyers and Richard Wolf are so good and so true to the reality of the American economy and run away capilatlism without conscience that is destroying our country, but Wolf is a bit mild-mannered about it. He does not talk enough about how deliberate the inequality is to socially engineer a poor and desperate workng class who HAVE to continue to work for starvation wages. We need to realize that we live in a non-democratic society and that we are becoming, and have become in great measure, a 3rd world country, ruled by an oligarchy of multinational corporations who do not give a darn about people anywhere, only their profits and their fat CEO salaries and perks. We must disavow the idea that we are truly a fullblown democracy.Operatives like the Koch Bros. are taking over state governments and laws. Our rightwing dominated supreme court has made fascistic decisions like Citizens U. v the Federal Elections Commission that murdered government “by the people and for the people.” America still has the potential for greatness, and I am a patriotic American, but we will not get back to at least the decency of the Eisenhower years, for example, unless we get really tough and educate the masses on why they’re failing and struggling and how DIRE Climate Crisis Catastrophe is, with only a decade or less to save the habitable planet, while the Koch Bros., Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, TransCanada have a strangle hold on our biosphere and our lives. Off shore corporation investments and a rotten minimum wage, and control of our major media by fossil fule multi-nationals corps. is totally destroying all vestigages of democracy and decency and equality, and the entire planet. Life will not be sustainable, because of the strangle hold these filthy fossil fuel corps and rotten employers like Walmart, etc. are KILLING AMERICA. We want Bill Moyers on at 6 and 11 as before. Why is the Moyers show now at 11:30 PM. Is Channel 13 PBS afraid of the Koch Bros who put the “Teeth Party” in congress to deal a death blow to democracy and the decency that the Obama administration is attempting to institute? WE WANT MORE BILL MOYERS AND CO. at 6 PM and 11PM as before on Sundays. NOT later at 11:30 PM or we are quitting our membership. WE WANT MORE, not less, BILL MOYERS & CO. HE IS THE GREATEST PBS broadcaster of ALL!!!!! Moyers helps save our democracy, while the racist, UNdemocratic Koch Bros. destroy it.

    • BruceEWoych

      Andrew Kreig did an in depth review of serious political deceptions that go well beyond the ‘personalized’ and romanticized (Sopranos style negative attractions?) of American Greed and Power abuses in the Capital. Many of the cynical perspectives here are endemic to power and politics but the real politik of power relations are more ugly and damaging because it is the ‘system’ itself…not simply opportunists abusing the system for self gains. Kreig would make a great interview on Moyers & company and people might be interested in his recent publication: http://www.amazon.com/Presidential-Puppetry-Obama-Romney-Masters/dp/0988672812/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1377553927&sr=1-1&keywords=Andrew+Kreig
      Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters

      But don’t let the title confuse you, it is not about the past election but about the system itself and the processing of power relations.

    • Robbie Moraes

      Moyers stopped being a journalist ten years ago, and his guests come from Mars, they do not come from planet Earth.

      • American

        I find Bill Moyers to be one of the only true voices for the people. Your insults do not distract from the truth. Better luck next time.

    • carlianschwartz

      Tonight’s interview with Henry Giroux was a devastating synthesis of trends that are destroying democracy in this country and making a mockery of our Constitution and its Amendments. The lack of action by the very individuals getting shafted is telling; this is the exact same behavior pattern that most Germans held to in 1938 during Kristallnacht. Here, the corporate and money powers that be (and their political lackeys) have already given away the game with the 47% comment, but instead of committing vast sums of people, materiel, and transport to somehow getting rid of 47% of 310 million people, they want these people to vanish on their own. They claim to be somehow “christian” or otherwise “religious” when questioned, but their victims will hardly be raptured to existence on a higher plane.
      I lost my family in Europe during the Final Solution, and find myself embarrassed to be an American now.

    • Shine On

      Thank you Bill for exposing the corruption and giving insight in this age of bought and paid for news.

    • Pat Dareneau

      Implore North Carolinians to listen to this and let us restore NC to its rightful owners-the people of nc

    • kukla

      I am not sure why the discussion of housing in NYC focuses on the rich. It should focus instead on all the breaks that both very rich and relatively poor in the city get (including subsidized rents, tax breaks etc) . Though the breaks are not the only reason that the city in-affordable to regular workers, they are still the real reason for the middle-class squeeze. But fighting NYC housing politics is a no-no for any ‘liberal’, while just focusing on the rich is easy. Yes, the international wealth is a problem here as it is in London and at other expensive playgrounds, but just like the shadows over CP, this is not the major! problem. Well, its better to place the rich into a supertower, then into a low story neighborhood — and kill an entire block (as is the case in London).

    • gordon

      Silencing Bill Moyers moves Channel 13 to the right. We watched every Sunday at 6 PM to see what this veteran journalist has found that few were willing to report. Now the right wing of your board has silenced another journalist of conscience and replaced him with yet another magazine of fluff. We all are poorer for your move.