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Pearl & Ash / Sakamai

Mike Colameco gives viewers access to the best kitchens in the world and talks to real chefs, in real restaurants cooking real recipes. It’s an insider’s guide and behind the scenes look from a chef’s perspective on how these restaurants are putting together their dishes. Meet the owners, chef’s and their crews; hear their stories and eat some amazing food. .
  • Jalil

    I am so happy that Camden has a superintendent that wholeheartedly wants to turn around the education system of this city and eventually a very positive impact on lives of many people of that city, however this is an extremely challenging task but Paymon has the required knowledge, experience, talent and wisdom to make this dream to reality, as he has repeatedly mentioned this is not a one man job, this is a collective effort including, teachers, parents, students, religious leaders and politicians that care for their citizens.
    I will keep him in my constant prayers to be succeeded in this life changing task for all the Camden residents.

  • Shahla Azhdari

    Pay on has the leadership and understanding that there is hope in changing our public school and improving the condition of our children. He understands the importance of the role of the parents and their involvement in the education of the children. It takes a village to raise and educate our children.. His trust in people will make him successful . It makes me personally feel so happy that there is a hope to have a better future for public school. Thank you Paymon!

  • dbrociner

    It would be nice if each episode could have some sort of description beyond just the episode number. Otherwise, very happy to have access to this show on demand. Thanks for posting.

  • TXC

    Mike Colameco’s Real Food is one of the best shows about cooking and food on TV. Keep up the good work!

  • Chris

    You have to cover that mass of scary hair when you are standing in a kitchen. All I can think of is pulling your bad grooming out of my ratatouille! Wear a net or something,

    • Cash

      Amen to that, I was thinking the exact same thing. I hated the Ramen Noodle episodes with his hair everywhere.

      • gourmand in MDR

        I think he would look a lot handsomer if he removed the hair; don’t you think so? Of course, the viewers will not be mentally distracted – worrying about the eater potentially slurrpppping down his hair(s) along with the noodles – and focus on what he is trying to present to the attentive viewers like myself. In any case, I am an avid viewer of create channel for many years(a veteran of food network tv channels?) and his program has carved out an unique – and effective, fast paced and fun – place in the food related tv programs. 10 thumbs up with Mike ! ! ! !

  • lax-goalie

    Why is the Musket Room episode not available online?

  • Jibbash

    I am sorry, but I need to speak. Mike does not strike me at all as a culinary anything! I noticed his hair finally has been addressed (somewhat !??), this was an area of disgust for me. Seeing him in a kitchen with his hair allover, conjured up not so pleasant images of platter of food. Despite that, even when he eats he has no finesse, has no comments that makes me and probably the chef feel any excitement about the food he is introducing. He is boring, and not enthusiastic !