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Scenes from Season 2, Episode 5

Preview scenes from Season 2, Episode 5 of Last Tango in Halifax. See how secrets and revelations from Kate, John and Gillian affect Caroline. Airs July 27 at 8pm.

Air Dates

  • THIRTEEN Tuesday, Aug. 5 2:30am
  • WLIW21
  • NJTV
    • Sondra

      Love the show. Hope that it continues…..

    • William Moran

      A very sweet program !!

    • Terry McCartney

      I love this show. Hoping there are a lot more episodes to come

    • Rita Stone

      Are there anymore episodes coming for Last Tango in Halifax? Thanks -

      • rona reingold

        are there more episodes to come in 2015


    • Bernice Greenberg

      Like all Masterpiece programs, the British have soared above the American programs with ” the Last Tango… ‘

    • Concerned

      This show just disappeared from the pbs roku station??? Is it coming back , I need to finish the season…

    • Mema Snizek

      Wonderful I loved this show!!!What is it about British TV!!!!

    • Margaret Bues

      Have to look into this roku all I watch is PBS shows basicly…know there is more

    • DavidDee@mac.com

      What is it about British TV!!!! That’s is funded by PBS. Where are the American dramas and mysteries that PBS (does not) offer?

      • Mo

        Where are the American dramas? Try every other station!

      • lj

        The British Shows are funded in the UK by every single person who owns a TV. It’s called a TV license. Unlike in the US where PBS relies on donations to acquire or create shows. We americans are not funding the BBC.

    • roberta ann

      LOVE THIS SHOW, especially Mr. Jacoby! thank you!

    • Reggie Burwell

      What a wonderful season finale! Brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy, how all loose ends were pulled together in those final few minutes. Didn’t want it to end….

      Derek Jacobi – what an actor! Although I secretly wanted to hear him lisp once or twice (shades of “I, Claudius”) I think he is absolutely perfect as Alan Buttershaw. Smooth as butter, p’shaw!!

      • NYC Felioness

        i agree. this show touches me so. It also gives me hope that it’s never too late to find love…thought I was done and I’m only in my fifties! Loved the season finale and can’t wait for next season.

    • edwina

      sadly all PBS’s hit/best programming is BOUGHT from the BBC…I know because I have a friend who works in the international sales dept there.Occasionally,like tonight, a program like the Jimmy Van Heusen thing will pop up, but Ive grown deeply depressed over these pathetic ‘My Music’ nonsense shows with their canned audience applause and if i see another Ken Burns or Judy Collins special I’ll lose my mind. Where IS all this ‘viewers like you’ money going to? For all the fundraising you’d think we’d be treated to Us written/produced programs half as good as ‘Halifax’ or Downton…PBS needs to model themselves after the BBC’s enlightening and exciting programming, not BUY from it

    • Sarah Navarro

      I’ve watched it 3 times with the aid of my Roku. I love this program, even more so than Downton Abbey.