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In the Lone Star State capital, the GENEALOGY ROADSHOW team finds secrets involving some of Texas’ favorite subjects: football, politics and home-state pride. In the historic Driskill Hotel, an African-American Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Hall of Famer uncovers a surprising family history of land ownership, an uncommon occurrence for Blacks in 1920s Texas.

Air Dates

  • THIRTEEN New Orleans - Board of Trade Tuesday, Feb. 3 8:00pm
  • WLIW21
  • NJTV
    • Carolyn

      why can’t you come out with something different… there’s already a show on tv like this. How about showing us how to do reach. Not one about other people discovering their life.

    • Maggie

      I have a background that can’t be beat. Through my maternal
      grandfather I am descended from one of the first Jewish families in the South, a Pirate that sailed with Jean Laffite, one of the first Anglo families in Texas, the sister of three brothers who died at the Alamo, one of the founding families of New Paltz New York, and several Revolutionary War soldiers. I never met my grandfather. Sure wish I had.


        Actually Jean Laffite may have been a Jew–there’s a family in France that says he was part of it so a Jew may well have provided the margin of logistical support that kept New Orleans part of the USA!

        • Maggie

          Actually my pirate was an italian. His daughter married the Jewish man who was disowned by his Jamaican family for marrying outside the faith. Yes, they were…wait for it…. Jewmaicans!!

        • DAVLEVINE

          Entirely possible. There were, at that time, Jewish communities throughout the Carribean and a limited number of people to marry and stay within the faith. And Jews and Italians have a proclivity for one another so I’m not surprised by that match at all.

        • Maggie

          My English born Jewish ancestor came to America and died in Charlotte NC in 1804. His English born son went to Jamaica and died there in 1818. HIS son was born and died in Jamaica. The next son was born in Jamaica and ended up in Texas married to the daughter of an Italian pirate. The Italian pirate was married to the daughter of one of the first Texas pioneers. I thought I came from a long line of potato farmers….

    • gruntled

      Family trees are interesting- to members of that particular family. I would much rather have the two hours of Antiques Roadshow that Thirteen had been airing for some time. Until Genealogy Roadshow goes away (soon, I hope!), I have my DVD collection and Netflix.

    • sarad

      I just saw this show for the first time and feel it somehow misses the mark. The similar shows “Finding Your Roots” and “Who Do You Think You Are” somehow held my attention better. What I missed most was the following of the trail. By showing too many stories without enough depth, and omitting the story of “how we got there”, the show becomes less interesting.