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Get the latest social media buzz on Downton Abbey from New York PBS station THIRTEEN.
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  • Chloe Polowske

    After Last night’s crime, I’m done with Downton

    • JJ

      Oh grow up.

      • nancynywoman

        real life in the “downstairs”

      • Cheryl Bianchi LCSW-R

        How Rude And Insensitive!:-(

    • Cheryl Bianchi LCSW-R

      Oh Dear…ArE You Really…I Felt The Same WAy When It Happened! As Anna And Bates So Shall We!

    • Berrill Keen

      What do u want…..crap like Neighbours or Days of our Lives. Get real. These things happened back then. So WTF r u on about

  • annie10463

    Why no more previews or scenes from the upcoming episode?

  • http://helenspin.com Helen Spingola

    I can’t believe we are reaching Season Four finale already!! Seems it hardly started….

  • maestrorpolitico

    How can a “season” only be 8 episodes? Wait another year and eventually people will just forget….or move on to something else….

    • Darlene Allison Anders Sanner

      only 8 episodes because PBS doubles them up Most weeks you are viewing 2 episodes on one night

    • edwina

      couldnt agree more- 8 episodes is a total joke… love the show but im bored of always waiting for more

  • Abbey Addict

    I cannot believe they expect us to wait a year! Oh come on, have they already seen Season 5 across the pond? A season is once a week from September to May.

    • Darlene Allison Anders Sanner

      No Seaso 5 has not been shown across the pond They are only just now starting to film UK has to wait a year just like we do

  • Jean

    I have watched all 3 previous seasons of Downton Abbey and loved all three seasons. What happened to the fourth season? Thankfully, it was short ( tedious, boring and not much of a plot). Get rid of the existing writers (Julian Fellowes laid an egg on this one- he should have stayed in his mother’s kitchen and learned to cook). Once again, it looks like Bates will be targeted for a murder….Didn’t we do this already?? Mary is such a icy stick…Without the character of Matthew, she is not much of an actress…I can’t believe Mary has so many suitors!! Her character is so boring (second time I had to use boring)..Hardly mentioned Edith’s baby. I actually fell asleep during some of the episodes..So disappointed…

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