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Downton Abbey Season 5 Teaser

"Downton Abbey, Season 5" premieres Sunday, January 4, 2015, 9pm ET, on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #DowntonPBS

Air Dates

  • THIRTEEN Downton Abbey, Season 5 - Episode 4 Sunday, Jan. 25 9:00pm
  • WLIW21 Downton Abbey, Season 5 - Episode 3 Monday, Jan. 26 3:00am
  • NJTV Downton Abbey, Season 5 - Episode 1 Wednesday, Jan. 28 9:00pm
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    • Chloe Polowske

      After Last night’s crime, I’m done with Downton

      • JJ

        Oh grow up.

        • nancynywoman

          real life in the “downstairs”

        • Cheryl Bianchi LCSW-R

          How Rude And Insensitive!:-(

      • Cheryl Bianchi LCSW-R

        Oh Dear…ArE You Really…I Felt The Same WAy When It Happened! As Anna And Bates So Shall We!

      • Berrill Keen

        What do u want…..crap like Neighbours or Days of our Lives. Get real. These things happened back then. So WTF r u on about

    • annie10463

      Why no more previews or scenes from the upcoming episode?

    • http://helenspin.com Helen Spingola

      I can’t believe we are reaching Season Four finale already!! Seems it hardly started….

    • maestrorpolitico

      How can a “season” only be 8 episodes? Wait another year and eventually people will just forget….or move on to something else….

      • Darlene Allison Anders Sanner

        only 8 episodes because PBS doubles them up Most weeks you are viewing 2 episodes on one night

      • edwina

        couldnt agree more- 8 episodes is a total joke… love the show but im bored of always waiting for more

    • Abbey Addict

      I cannot believe they expect us to wait a year! Oh come on, have they already seen Season 5 across the pond? A season is once a week from September to May.

      • Darlene Allison Anders Sanner

        No Seaso 5 has not been shown across the pond They are only just now starting to film UK has to wait a year just like we do

        • Janice1601

          Not true. It has aired in GB.

    • Jean

      I have watched all 3 previous seasons of Downton Abbey and loved all three seasons. What happened to the fourth season? Thankfully, it was short ( tedious, boring and not much of a plot). Get rid of the existing writers (Julian Fellowes laid an egg on this one- he should have stayed in his mother’s kitchen and learned to cook). Once again, it looks like Bates will be targeted for a murder….Didn’t we do this already?? Mary is such a icy stick…Without the character of Matthew, she is not much of an actress…I can’t believe Mary has so many suitors!! Her character is so boring (second time I had to use boring)..Hardly mentioned Edith’s baby. I actually fell asleep during some of the episodes..So disappointed…

    • Nancy from CT

      Can someone “In the know” please put me out of my misery and inform me of the status of Season 6? We DA addicts have to plan way in advance!

    • katty

      while waiting, we want to see seasons 1, 2, 3,!!! now, until the big finale!!!

    • Inday

      I will miss Lord Gillingham and Lady Mary. I heard on a vote that the cast prefers Blake over Lord Tony. I will have to stop watching the show if Mary is with someone else.