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Emmy Award-winning journalist Charlie Rose engages the world’s most fascinating individuals in one-on-one conversations and roundtable discussions five nights a week. From studios in New York City and locations around the world, Charlie Rose talks to people in every field who have “a great story to tell.”

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    • http://www.facebook.com/mkingnyc Michael King

      Love your show…always great guests and topics..keep up the great programing

    • Ann Chafin

      I had recorded your year end program and watched it this morning and enjoyed it very much – I wrote down the names of four of your remembrances of people that I had not heard of before and I’ve got my research set up for the next few days – trying to find out about these very interesting people who in just a few words made me want to get to know them better. At the end, your listing of those who died at Sandy Hook moved me deeply once again and my broken heart cried for these children and their teachers, service personnel and principal who were so senselessly killed. Thanks so much for helping us to keep remembering – and may we never be so hardened that we are not moved afresh each time we see their names.

    • Claire J. Dutt

      Just saw tape of Charlie Rose w/Gen.Stanley McChrystal – First, Rose is the best interviewer I’ve seen/heard. Second, McChrystal absolutely stunned me with his intelligence, humanity and life mission. Don’t see many like him – hope he continues to lead anyone or group who will listen but also will note his effectiveness in accomplishiments, which he discusses as true leadership. That’s the secret of life and what we do now and leave behind. Thank you.

    • mkraus

      Just watched a Charlie Rose program this afternoon 2/22/13. There was a young man speaking about government and the sharing of east and west forms of government to achieve more. Didn’t get his name or the name of his book. Can anyone tell me. I’m interested in reading his book. M Kraus mtkraus@verizon.net

    • Lisa L, New York City

      I think Amy Richards missed the point Anne Marie Slaughter made with regard to Sheryl Sandburg’s book. Slaughter is concerned that women at the mid- and lower levels of the economic ladder – and single mothers in particular – are being told they can and should achieve more but do not have access to critical financial and social supports that Slaughter and women like her enjoy. Unless — and only unless — current structures radically change — equal pay, universal health care, universal preschool — they will pursue impossibly difficult and imbalanced lives. I agree with her.

    • Eric

      Charlie Rose always has stimulating intellectual discussions on his program. His 1994 interview with Sir James Goldsmith is especially worth watching on youtube.

    • ridiculous

      This week:

      Another reason to stop watching PBS on Friday.

    • gmbass

      I really wanted to hear what Nancy Pelosi had to say on 11/4, but Rose was so obnoxious with her – not letting her finish sentences, constantly challenging, etc., etc., I actually had to turn it off. What’s your problem?

    • http://www.freechurchofthedivinemarriage.yolasite.com/ Donna Lee

      I think it is incredibly disrespectful for Charlie Rose not to have a segment on Martin Luther King, Jr. on his show this evening! President Obama is NOT Martin Luther King, Jr. and this IS Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

    • Barbara Mansfield

      This is for Charlie Rose RE: DiCaprio and Scorcesse interview
      My written letter was returned.
      I am so disappointed in the nomination of Wolf on Wall St
      Nowhere did Charlie. Dicaprio and Scorcesse show clips of this disgusting Porno/Orgie film on your show. Leonardo has lowered himself to appear in this pic, He was nominated in the past for Titanic, Aviator, and J.Edgar Hoover and was not a winner,why should this trash be better? It shows the warped minded directors and audience of today.
      I would dread my 17 yr old granddaughter by some mistake to see this film. I myself thought it would be like Wall Street
      w M. Douglas.
      Although it was a real person’s life the sex scenes could have been played down.
      shame on scorcesse.
      Would any of my cc’s like for their grandchildren or older grandparents to see this filth???
      Academy of Motion Pic Arts and Sciences
      Pierce Morgan

    • dorothy drakes

      I watched Charlie Rose today and now I know RACISM is systemic in our society,before the congress and anyone in power try to make things right they want to tear down Obamacare IT started with the men coming back in the late 1940 when men of color could not get care, it spread to poor and uneducated and grew from there…this is a war that President Obama has no blame in.As long as we do this and our news media is more concern with being seen as the in crowd than being what we need and that is a breath of truth.

    • confused

      May 39th Charlie Rose’s interview with Susan Rice was a total waste of time. Can anyone believe what she had to say?

    • confused

      correction May 29th

    • rudeboy

      What is this former ambassador talking about? With a body count ratio of 600 : 30 for Israel, how could one possibly make the assumption that Hamas could claim this as victory??? It’s obvious that both sides lost, just that Palewstionian loss is 20 times as high and their living conditions are and have been for the years by far more unbearable than Israel’s. Even Israel’s military leadership has stated years ago, that there is no military solution for this conflict. This military exercise was a complete waste (of human lives).Therefore, Israel has the greater moral responsibility to ease the status quo by making even unilateral concessions in return for a lasting truce/ceasefire. i.e. immediately and permanently stop any new settlements! Unfortunately, in the foreseeable future, with all this hate and despair on both sides, I don’t see no chance for honest peace negotiations, maybe after 40 years of truce….

    • Shengqi Xiong

      I was channel surfing and saw a bunch of VERY nervous faces there “assuring” us of how the Dems have a better chance to win this November. One can ALWAYS count on such glass half full commentaries from this group of die-hard leftists!

    • richnauer

      Charlie Rose interview last night with turkey minister was interesting in what was totaly left out. Not one question about Israel and the role it plays in this mess via turkey support for Hamas. Everyone of these terrorist organizations and many of the countries and others who support terrorism are enemies of Israel. Israel makes no distinction (unlike the U.S.) between Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, Iran,Qatar, Al-Qaida. or the other wanna-be terrororist including palestinian leader Abbas who does nothing to stop Hamas in West Bank. He’s as bad as the rest and weak.

      It makes no difference to Israel how u are murdered just that all of these countries that are against Isis (in Middle east) in reality are not any better. Maybe Mr. Rose should do a segment on this, Only the Jewish State who everyone hates recognizes this fact. Dead is dead either by rockets, beheading, gas chamber, bombing etc. All of which the people of Israel have experience since before the state was recognized in 1948, Many people confuse this recognition by UN for creation. The Jews created Israel the UN only recognized the State. And they did this only because everyone believed within two weeks the arab armies would have defeated and murdered everyone anyway. So they had nothing to lose by voting in favor of recognition. Richard Knauer

    • Postman12

      I think Turkey is a disgrace to NATO when they do not help the coalition when the boots on the ground were only three miles away. They denied fellow Kurds from assisting their brothers in the fighting ISIS.