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February 21, 2014

Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski on the chaos in Ukraine; POLITICO's Mike Allen on the latest in Washington D.C.; Henry Blodget breaks down Facebook's $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp; 'Late Night Wars' author Bill Carter takes a look at Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'; and David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper discuss their work in the Oscar-nominated film 'American Hustle'
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    • Damian Begley

      Try listening to Terry Gross at Fresh Air. After just one of her interviews you’ll be saying, “Charlie who”?

      • http://linkedin.com/in/bobjacobson Bob Jacobson

        Totally agree. Rose is wooden, same-old, basically reifying whatever the official cultural discourse may be. Just once how I’d wish to see him veer into dangerous territory, but as it hasn’t happened for many, many years — or is it decades, the years run into one another? — it’s unlikely to happen now. I seldom watch Rose any more. i know from distant memory he can do better — and occasional sparks of inspiration do occur, even today — but Rose’s general surrender to comfort and conformity amid the wealthy and powerful, and those who serve them, is sad and depressing. Plus a waste of TV time.

      • Robbie Moraes

        Spoken like a Romney Republican Twit.

      • DPC

        OMG. Try timing the full Terry Gross show – just once — and time how much of the full time, is taken up by her rambling questions, which, more often than night, are pointless.

      • Wendy Darling

        Her questions are great. She gets people to reveal themselves. They feel comfortable with her because she’s kind and genuinely interested and a legend to those in the know. Sorry you don’t see what a pro she is!

  • Bill Fisher

    If we want to show the session aired on 9/3 about Shakespeare to our Shakespeare Club how do we do that? This was a group of great Shakespearian actors interviewed by Charlie Rose.

  • C.J.S.S.

    While I cherish having Charlie Rose interviews as our bight time viewing, I yern for the day Charlie will allow himself to interview those that are so worthwhile and might not ern him an invitation to an event in the social life of D.C.
    Like: Andrew Bacevich; Mark Leibovitsh.

    • Robbie Moraes

      Yeah like who? The Tea Party. You are an idiot.

  • http://foxnews.com/ RojerAils

    Don’t miss Rose interviewing ASSAD in SYRIA! It is tremendous, and surprising – Rose very tough on him. Good hour!

  • Chiam

    Charlie Rose interview Netanyahu and was very disrespectful to a head of state. He was extremely respectful to Irans leaders and others. His antisemetic nature is disgusting.

    • Robbie Moraes

      That;s a pompous arrogant statement if ever I heard one.

      • Chiam

        Why dont you stop insulting people

  • Chiam

    Robbie Moraes has a big mouth. Please flag him like i did. He is the same guy that posts on yahoo message boards with racist comments

  • LeoChelsea

    Charlie Rose is truly a genius. His wide range of guests prove so interesting and he seems to know just the right questions to ask. I would love one day to hear someone interview Charlie, as he rarely, if ever, offers personal opinions. With his insight of current events, I would marvel at knowing what he feels about all of the topics he covers. That would make one heck of a show.

  • Bryan Briggs

    I notice that Charlie Rose was not on his PBS show last night…is he on assignment or something?

  • Ronald J. Ryan, CFA

    The Pension Crisis is looming as the largest financial crisis since the depression. Currently, there is over a $4 trillion pension deficit. If TARP I was a national emergency at $800 b what do you call this? I just wrote a book on The Pension Crisis which won the IPPY Award for Finance. I would like to share my thoughts with Charlie Rose. I can be reached at 561-307-5127 or rryan@ryanalm.com

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