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Call the Midwife — The Critics Love It

Love Call the Midwife? You're not alone! See what the critics are saying about the gang at Nonnatus House as Season 3 comes to a close. Season 3 continues through Sunday, May 18, and Season 4 returns in Spring 2015, only on PBS.
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  • jaya toumashoatz

    i love this show im only twelve but im very bright and this show leaves me speechless i read the book and has been enlightened by it just… speechless

  • Marz

    I can’t tell you how many times I cry watching this show I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • judy

    will the holiday special of 2013 be broadcasted in the USA

  • Paul

    I was disappointed to find that Netflix, where I discovered this wonderful show, include the Christmas 2013 episode and now it is not streaming here either. So I missed the wedding, the move, etc.

  • Kaycee

    This is one of my all time favorite series on PBS. The writing, the acting, the attention to detail of both the time in which it is set and the medical aspects of the show are all superior. As a nurse who began my career just a couple of years after this series is set I can appreciate the truth and beauty of this kind of medical/nursing care. Bravo, again and again. So happy to have it back for another season.

  • Robin

    I want to add to the call for PBS to put up Christmas 2013 for all of us that missed the wedding and all the other goings on at Nonnatus House. Wonderful series!

  • Julie

    I grew up in the 50′s in a little English village within a very large family on nine children. I can relate to the babies being born and waking up early morning all bleary eyed to welcome a new brother or sister, mother taught the family so much about love and caring the most important values , yes we went short of material goods and outings with our handed down clothes, ‘ mend and make do’ was our mothers motto.

  • Julie

    Call The Midwife is so realistic and does so remind me of my childhood when food was sparse but love and caring were in abundance.

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About Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is a moving and intimate insight into the colorful world of midwifery and family life in 1950’s East London. We are introduced to the community through the eyes of young nurse Jenny Lee as she arrives at Nonnatus House to live and work as a midwife alongside an Order of Nuns.
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