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Raleigh, Hour 3

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits North Carolina's Museum of the Cape Fear to examine some of the weapons made in North Carolina during the Civil War. Highlights include: an archive of items related to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1966 visit to Durham; an heirloom Virginia-made table, purported to have ties to Thomas Jefferson; and chairs made by New England furniture maker John Gaines.

Air Dates:

  • THIRTEEN Jacksonville, Hour Two Monday, Oct. 20 8:00pm
  • WLIW21 Jacksonville, Hour One Friday, Oct. 24 12:00am
  • NJTV Knoxville, Hour Three Tuesday, Oct. 21 2:00am
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    • Alex Tuttle

      If the painting was restored properly, it would be discovered that there is are subtle differences and variations in shading of the area around the baby’s face and mother’s hand – suggesting that the scene is far more intimate than one of parental adoration. The position of the mother’s hand, her reclined position, as well as the angle at which the baby’s face is turned away from the viewer may indicate that the baby is being – fed. This would make this work a great deal more interesting, I believe, were it to be put up for auction.