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DIORAMA Infographic: What is a DIORAMA?

Learn about the "diorama," an illusionistic reproduction of natural environments as a scene.

Photo: Artist Belmore Browne paints background for Mountain Goat Diorama, Hall of North American Mammals.


The DIORAMA Explored

Designer: Ricardo E. Galvez. Producer: Tom McNamara.

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About PBS Diorama

DIORAMA is for science nerds, backyard explorers, animal enthusiasts and urban naturalists. It’s a series of digital shorts from the wondrous halls of The American Museum of Natural History, taking inspiration from the Museum’s classic dioramas and behind-the-scenes archive.

DIORAMA is an exploration of curiosity — where science, art and history all meet.

Produced by WNET’s Interactive Engagement Group in collaboration with The American Museum of Natural History and PBS Digital Studios.

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