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The Real Mad Men & Women of Madison Avenue Slideshow

A look at some of the Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue of the 1960s and the famous ad campaigns they worked on.


Rosser Reeves: M&M

Amil Gargano: VolvoHertz; Fiat

Paula Green: Avis, ILGWU

Mary Wells Lawrence: Branniff, “Plain Plane”; Alka Seltzer, “Whole Thing”; I Love New York

Tham Khai Meng: Return of Ben Ali

Len Sirowitz: VW Snowplow

Jerry Della Femina: Meow Mix; Blue NunJoe Isuzu

Jane Maas: Maxim; I Love New York

Gerry Graf: Ragu; Kayak.com; Little Caesar’s

George Lois: Xerox, Branniff, MTV, I Want My Maypo

David Ogilvy: Schweppes; Hathaway

Bill Bernbach: VolkwagenAlka Seltzer

Roy Eaton: YubanSugar Crisp

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About The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue
During the 1960s, a creative revolution took over the world of American advertising, ushering in an era of iconic ads such as Doyle Dane Bernbach’s “Think Small” ad for Volkswagen. Hear about this exciting period from real-life Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons – and find out if the three-martini lunches and workplace trysts in AMC's Mad Men were the stuff of dreams or reality.
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