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JFK – Share Your Story

50 years later, JFK’s life and death remain a great source of interest and intrigue to Americans. Help THIRTEEN explore JFK’s impact on our country. Share your thoughts about President Kennedy – his life, his presidency, his family, his death. Do you remember the day he was assassinated? How did his death change history? What do you think. Share your story below. Visit Thirteen.org/JFK for THIRTEEN's full line-up of special JFK programs starting Mon., Nov. 11.

JFK – Share Your Story

Robert MacNeil and Dan Rather share their memories of 11/22/63. Share your JFK memories below.

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About Remembering JFK
Remembering JFK

THIRTEEN commemorates the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death with a week of special programs exploring his life, his death and his and legacy.

Our special program line up starts Mon, Nov. 11th. Preview the programs below.

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