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Downton Abbey - What Will You Miss?

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Season four of the hit Masterpiece Classic series ends Sunday, Feb. 23rd.

While Downton Abbey will be back for another season next year, we want to know what you’ll miss about the show.  Share your laments below.

  • BenInBrooklyn

    I’ll miss the Dowager Countess’ zingers. I like to write them down and use them on my kids :)

  • maestropolitico

    I will only miss Dame Maggie Smith…but this is probably the last season for me, because I don’t think I really would have missed much if I hadn’t seen it.

  • Angelo

    I will miss Mrs. Hughes and the heartfelt way she deals with life.

  • Angelina

    I will miss the clothes, the hats, the hairstyles, the cars, the antiques, and the way most things work out — the writer is some talented person — hope he’s making a bundle for this as I find this series SO MUCH FUN!!!

  • Victoria Ficco-Panzer

    I will miss the elegant,civilized language,and the delightful manners(sometimes hypocritical,but delightful,nonetheless).

  • Mom P

    I will miss the beautiful writing that makes us so involved in the characters with no crass sex scenes, cursing or violence.

  • PIP

    In watching the finale of this season, suddenly Lady Edith appeared to have completed her pregnancy – made us feel as if we missed an episode. Further confounded at the end of this episode when she had a conversation about taking care of the baby girl ??

    • Kaycee

      She and Aunt Rosamund went to Switzerland, ostensibly to improve their French, where Edith had the baby in the 8 intervening months between episode 7 and the finale. She stayed with the baby until she was weaned and then left her to be adopted by a Swiss family.

  • Robin Hochman Friedlander

    I will miss being in the 1920’s Jazz Age, flappers, etc.

  • Buck

    Lady Mary: terrifically acted.
    And in that blue dress and hat she wore to the exhibition—stunningly gorgeous!

  • Judy Porges Hollander

    Is Michael Jewish?

    • Kaycee

      That has never been addressed. Interesting thought though.

      • Judy Porges Hollander

        Well. He was beat up by Nazis in Germany? What is his last name?

      • Kaycee

        Gregson. And lots of people were beat up by Nazis.

      • Judy Porges Hollander

        Yes. You are right. It was just a thought.



  • Leonore O’Malley

    I will miss everything because I actually feel I’m a part of the family. Maggie Smith has been my favorite actress for years.

  • Fans

    We have watched this series expecting the best, and have not been disappointed. All of our friends are tuned in as well. PBS raises the bar with quality viewing which isn’t often found on TV these days. Programming of this caliber is truly appreciated.

    • Kaycee


  • Marilyn Terman

    I will miss everything about the show and wish I didn’t have to wait so long until I can see it again. It’s a wonderful series. Great acting, beautiful scenery, gorgeous costumes. Well done!

  • Roz

    I am disappointed with the latest episodes. Tom’s new friend is a bully, and he has no spine. The aunt must have had an interesting history, but we don’t know what it could be. I would have liked seeing Edith at work a couple of times, but she seems to float around lost. Actually in real life she would have had an abortion done by a doctor discreetly and safely. But the writers were to chicken to touch on that subject.

    • RN

      Abortion was not legal at that time…so safely?

      • Connie

        They did more than “touch” on the subject of abortion. They showed Edith actually go to an illegal abortion mill and then, wisely, back out of what could have been a very dicey procedure. I thought it was handled well in the context of the times.

      • Lorry frey

        When I was young the back alley abortionists were in seedy parts of the city and done by unlicensed people. However, I am told that upper class women of polite society had licensed MDs, usually colleagues of their wealthy parents who performed a D&c in an upscale office or in a hospital, where I was a student RN. It wasn’t called an abortion then, simply a therapeutic D&C and not done often

      • jillydear

        That’s what I’m talking about, and it happened more often than you think. And you didn’t have to be upper class or in polite society.

      • jillydear

        I don’t ;know what you mean by “abortion mill”. The procedure, a simple D&C, was done by many doctors.

      • jillydear

        So what? and of course safely – many doctors did it all the time.

  • Myra

    A bit disappointed in the last episode – it’s like they had to rush thru certain plots (Edith’s pregnancy) and introduced too many characters at once. Rose’s “coming out” was a waste – her character is ditsy and not interesting. The plot line seems to be fizzling after 3 good years. Very predictable now. But yes, the costumes are lovely and the scenery, esp the last shot with Mrs. Hughes & Mr. Carson is nice for the eyes.

    • BJ

      Totally agree. I was a bit confused in the beginning–all of a sudden the characters are in a place that doesn’t look like Downton, it’s not really explained up front and we are swept up into a confusing jumble of characters and Rose’s coming out. And now we have to wait a whole year for more. I was also disappointed in the last episode because it was billed as a “2-hour” finale. It wasn’t–it was about 1 hour, 35 minutes.

  • Lorry frey

    I was also disappointed in the mishmash of the last show! Rose had the baby? When? Who were all these new characters? I would have preferred more time on Mary, Rose and the Granthams. A new situation could have been introduced briefly but the characters we have come to love were not seen well

    • Kaycee

      Edith had the baby in the intervening eight months between episode 7 and the finale. And we saw plenty of Rose as she was presented to the Royals and society. I think we all wish more of our questions had been answered fully because we care about the characters we’ve come to know. Only 11 months left before we’ll get some more information. Dreadfully long wait!

      • Lorry frey

        Sorry, I meant Edith. The last few episodes have been so fast paced that I’ve mixed up a few names!

  • Kaycee

    All Downton lovers would probably enjoy the Downton Abbey Dish. There are wonderful and witty recaps after each episode and then we all take part in a lively give and take discussion, that goes on and on. And the Dispatches from the Diaspora, written by the same blogger who does the recaps, Deborah Gilbert, provide updated information on the cast and development of the series. It’s kind of like keeping the school band together after graduation and provides Downton related information during the long hiatus. Of course we all find wonderful programming on Channel 13, all year long, but if you want a bit of Downton also, check it out.

    • http://www.thirteen.org/program-content/the-downton-abbey-dish-season-4-episode-5/ Gotham Tomato

      Thank you for the shout out!


  • Fifica

    I thought that the last episode was weak. Some issues were not resolved because Fellowes has to keep things hanging in order to have another season. The situation with Bates was finalized. I read a comment that Mrs. Hughes is leaving. Is that true? That would be a disaster. She has a wonderful way of keeping things balanced. I will miss the clothes and I don’t understand why we have to wait till 2015 when the British get to see the new season in 2014.

  • downtonabbeyfan

    I will miss all the characters: Granny(Maggie Smith), Anna, Mr. Bates, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Carson, Edith. I will spend the next 11 months thinking about what will happen in Season 5.

  • downtonabbeyfan

    There seems to be some lapses in the script. Rose gives up her boyfriend so easily and is Edith pregnant by her boss? Lady Mary had a strange way of telling her boyfriend that Mr. Green raped Anna. An extra episode should have been added

  • Mary Crowley

    Let me put it this way. When confronted with any sort of problem in my life I say to myself ” What would Mary do?” or to shorten it “WWMD?”

  • Elizabeth

    I will miss Lord Gillingham. He has completely electrified the show, and his chemistry with Mary is almost palpable. He is the best character to have been introduced to Downton in many seasons. The other male characters are attractive but lack the passion and intensity of Gillingham. If Mary were to end up with one of them, it would just be a lackluster version of her relationship with Matthew. It would be very exciting to see a relationship develop with Gillingham. Violet is also a gem!

  • Nancy Eisele

    It’s a pity, but we’ve seen a side of Bates we’ve never seen before. He forged the note for Lord Grantham and pretended somebody else did it, then he got that letter out of What’s-his-name’s pocket like a pickpocket. Tsk, Tsk. And that doesn’t even include London.

  • Nancy Eisele

    Then there’s stupid Edith! She can’t keep out of her own way. Went to get that baby and wouldn’t hear anything to the contrary. I really don’t like her.

  • Rich Nichols

    A rather boring finale, and not much happened in Season 4 to think of it. Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager were great as always, and Tom is developing nicely. Bates and Anna are the best feature, but it’s rather improbable that Bates — the smartest man on the show — would leave the London ticket in his pocket. He would have bought two tickets at the station, for York and London, kept the former and destroyed the latter.
    If he got away with murdering his wife, how dumb is he? And what medication is Cora taking?

  • Amanda

    I agree with the earlier thread about Gillingham. A fabulous male character, one of the best I have seen on both the big screen and small, in a very long time. What incredible chemistry he has with Mary. I like the more modern backdrops, costmes and mores that are beginning to emerge on the show but still think that old fashioned high romance should rule the day in relationships. Tony and Mary have that!

  • http://www.thirteen.org/program-content/the-downton-abbey-dish-season-4-episode-5/ Gotham Tomato

    I will most miss spending Sunday evenings at my favorite British country home.


  • Josy Erne

    There was a lot I liked about the final episode: It was quite interesting to see the details of the court during Rose’s coming out. I also thought the story with the Prince of Wales was fascinating–to see how personally and emotionally invested the aristocracy would have been in protecting the monarchy, even when they could see that Edward was a dolt.

    I appreciated that the abortionist scene was a powerful reminder of how awful and dangerous this was before abortion was legal. A couple of people talked about how the upper classes would have had a doctor to whom they could turn–that makes sense, of course, and I wondered about that. It’s not as if this never happened. I guess the excuse was that Edith didn’t want her parents to know.

    Here’s a couple of points where I found the writing got… lazy: When Cora’s mother and brother arrived, Cora had no reaction to them being there, and interaction at such a superficial level, that I kept forgetting they were here immediate family. One would have expected to see her advising them on cultural differences, or talking with them or…something. It was as if they were placed there simply to be laughed at for their boorish American ways.

    Also, in this last episode, Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton were playing caricatures of their characters — just empty sniping for no real purpose.

    I hadn’t realized, though, that it was the season finale. A bit on the weak side in points, but I’ll be waiting for season 5.

  • jillydear

    The program has been a bore since the second season. The writing has gone consistently downhill and the characters are mostly caricatures. It is nothing more than a mediocre soap opera and only the great Maggie Smith has saved it. And Lord Grantham is an irritating ass.

    • MKDO

      Roundly and emphatically disagreed!

  • Rosemary

    I will miss everything! It really sucks you in. Too bad the season is so short and the “off” season so long!

  • MKDO

    Please do realize that the wait time is the same for U.K. viewers as it is for us: they wait a year between Septembers, and we wait a year between Januarys. I just don’t understand some viewers’ inability to understand this. We are not more deprived and frustrated than they are!

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