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Find the mobile Tea Truck and have a cuppa with PBS and “Downton Abbey” on Masterpiece

Ahead of the January 5th U.S. premiere of Season 4 of the award-winning drama ”Downton Abbey” on MASTERPIECE, PBS will bring one of the characters’ favorite pastimes to life in New York City with a mobile tea truck the week of December 9th. Complete with costumed servers, the truck will be stationed at a different location every day, giving out free tea and biscuits to fans and an opportunity to take photos against the backdrop of Highclere Castle. For more on Downton Abbey on Masterpiece, visit Thirteen.org/DowntonAbbey.


Post your pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #TeaTruck. Visit our RebelMouse page for our favorite #TeaTruck posts!


Monday, December 9 – Friday, December 13
11:00am – 7:00pm each day 

  • Monday, December 9
    East 14th St. at University Place (Southwest corner)
  • Tuesday, December 10
    6th Avenue between 40th & 41st St.
  • Wednesday, December 11
    50th St. between 6th & 7th Ave. (Northside)
  • Thursday, December 12
    The New York Times Center, 41st St. between 7th & 8th Ave.
  • Friday, December 13
    Broadway between 66th and 67th St. (Westside)
    Stop by the Tisch WNET Studios (66th St. & Broadway) between 11am – 7pm for an all-day marathon screening of Downton Abbey Season 3. Get caught up on all the drama before Season 4’s January premiere.


  • http://www.laviajeramorena.com/ Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    That sounds fun :) Thanks for sharing!

  • BenInBrooklyn

    I love tea. And I love Downton Abbey. Great combo!

  • ronshapley

    Any crumpets ??

  • doc

    We drink tea in the outer boroughs too you know. And we have television too!

    • dockimmy

      haha i know they forget about us some times. i just like to think that it easier for companies and businesses to hit Manhattan more bang for there buck. central location

  • Kathy McCarthy

    Will be there!!

  • Tom Caton

    Oh dear, what is an outer borough?

    • Darrel3000


      • Tom Caton

        It’s ok Darrell. Just having fun. I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t think any of us suffer without the tea truck. Have a cup and enjoy the show.

    • dockimmy

      ha ha cute

  • Polly Wastcoat

    We even drink tea in Mt. Kisco. We donate too!

  • Georgia

    How about an event during a weekend? We don’t all work or live in manhattan!

  • Lady Edith’s chest hair

    Outer boro? Pfshaw! Hardly a bold adventure! In contradistinction, can perchance you say: “farm country upstate”? Summer 2013, Upper East Side expat eschews urban life after 40 years of bravery–but Winter 2013 Downton Tea Truck seduces her back! Amazing! Downton lives! (And we love her!) I’ll be there! (Milk & sugar, please!)

    • Darrel3000

      EXTRA EXTRA! read all about it. Chest Hair lives rural life but is disappointed, returns to urban dwelling on the off chance some English tea and biscuits is on offer. how desperate and wanting has the farm country life left her. please downton, I’m sure mylady would benefit from your employment, maybe as a housemad

      • Lady Edith’s chest hair

        “employment”? “desperate”? Lady Edith’s chest hair demurs. As Granny says, so “very middle class.”

  • Guest

    Everything hurts and I’m drying. Basically the tea truck is amazing!

  • Lorraine Rosenberg

    Everything hurts and I’m dying. This truck is amazing! I went and had a merry time

    • Lady Edith’s chest hair

      And indeed, I hope you have learned to expect a miracle with every cup of good, hot tea!!! XOXO!!!

  • Darrel3000

    here in richmond hill in Queens (11419) we have tea and biscuits, we don’t need your truck out here, but it would have been nice to be considered!

    • lisa

      you’re in queens. that’s your choice. manhattan is smart marketing. deal with it, sourpuss….or move to manhattan like the smart people do.

  • ACIS Tours

    Come visit us in Boston; we’re just a few hours away and we promise not to dump the tea in the harbor. We’ll pay for gas money!

  • lisa

    just went….right near port authority they’re parked and just the most lovely people….i love the tea, so delicious and those cookies were so fresh, almost a gingerbread flavor…delicious!!! i shot some video and took pics. cheers to the whole operation. everyone was wonderful…

  • Lisa Guernsey

    Hey, where are you today? No chance for a cuppa. Sad….

  • Christine Shaw

    By the time I got to the tea truck on Friday HUGE Disappointment: no tea, no cookies, just a closed truck(this was 2pm on Friday-had subway delay). They ran out of cups, really? I don’t care if the cup wasn’t labeled with Downton abbey, it was cold outside and tea would have been nice. Just maids handing out advertisements and tea bags. I took some pics but huge disappointment of the whole experience I had. I’m still a fan of the show. I ended up at Starbucks to get a large tea. I tried the tea at home with a piece of lebkuchen(German spice cookie I make for holidays), the tea was delicious.

  • Liz K

    what kind of tea did they have? my peeps were probably at the boston tea party trying to save it. tea is good, can be an excellent meal , 4 pm