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Downton Abbey: Season 5 First Look

Eager to return to the dark secrets, budding romances, and dramatic turns of Downton Abbey? Get a first look at photos from Downton Abbey Season 5 in this slideshow of all-new images (no spoilers!) from the award-winning program. As you await the January 4, 2015 season premiere of Season 5 on MASTERPIECE, see new characters, fan favorites, suitors, and Downton’s growing fourth generation: little Sybbie and the heir himself, George!

Alongside the beloved returning cast pictured in the slideshow are Fifi Hart as Sybbie, twins Zac and Oliver Barker as George, and Richard E. Grant as Simon Bricker.

  • Lady Dana

    I can not wait! I always look forward to the next season, starting in the summer. I start getting geared up for it and by January I am VERY, VERY ready to watch it all night long. :)

    • Debbie Nelson Cardwell

      And then in what seems like 3 weeks, it’s gone again. I do wish the seasons
      were longer!

  • JR

    Heehee, the babies are so short and cute.

  • Camellia

    The series is too short!!! Can’t wait until it starts again.

  • Lisa

    Mr. Barrow is starting to look like John Travolta. At least in this picture.

    • Jonell41

      oooooooooooH NO, John Travolta they say is a VERY SWEET DEAR MAN…mmmm can’t see Mr Barrow this way..[so he’s a good actor right?]

  • DowntonFan_A

    Umm why in the world did they feel the need to include Thomas in these pictures?

    • IMA Fan

      Why not Thomas?

    • Deanna Gates

      Thomas is the guy you love to hate. They can’t leave him out.

  • Jonell41

    I cannot wait but wait I must! to be prepared I have already watched all 4 seasons 2xs back to back. BRING IT ON!

  • Tami D

    The season isn’t long enough!!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    It wouldn’t be Downton Abbey without Thomas Barrow. His character, like Tom Branson, can go anywhere. Will we see more of Aunt Rosamond? Time she was married…to Richard Carlysle perhaps?

  • katty

    I think Thomas is a good actor character. . and while waiting for the new season, PBS can you show season 1, 2, 3 please!

  • katty

    we are all patiently waiting. PBS!! just show the repeats. there are new fans and they want to see seasons 1, 2, 3. , now is the time. come on!

  • Flora Amici

    Of course, I wish we could get the next season much earlier and I know I’m not alone in this. What happened to the pater familias? The little boy looks like his “father” and the little girl looks like her “mother”. That’s a good idea.

  • Real Jersey Girl

    Looooovvvveeeee this show just can not wait. Please show the other seasons as a refresher.

  • Edward Nussbaum

    The very best in television, I’ll be watching!

  • Barbara J Ward

    Can’t wait for winter stories

  • Duh Duh

    What’s Downtown Abbey?

    • George Warnock

      if you don’t know Downton Abby then your living off the Grid ! Its brideshead revisited on steroids !!

  • Jean

    So excited! I got tickets to Winterthur Museum for Christmas. Going next week to see all the beauty that makes up Downton Abby.

  • Chrisylas

    I am predicting that Edith is actually Rosamunds daughter

    • Tammie Lee

      Ahh I never even thought about that but I guess you could be right. it would answer alot of things that didn’t quiet fit in. humm

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