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Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest

The best Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku will win a complete Downton Abbey Prize Pack, including all three seasons on DVD or Bluray, and a “Free Bates” T-shirt. Winners will be selected by THIRTEEN staff. See complete contest rules. Deadline is Monday, Feb. 25 at midnight.
Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest

Season 3 of the hugely popular series Downton Abbey is over, but fan excitement continues in anticipation of season 4 next year. Though Season 3 was a whirlwind of change, we challenge you to recap the entire third season in haiku. Submit your Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku using the comments tool below. Or share on Facebook.

The best Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku will win a complete Downton Abbey Prize Pack, including all three seasons on DVD or Blu-ray, and a “Free Bates” T-shirt. Winners will be selected by THIRTEEN staff. See complete contest rules. Deadline is Monday, Feb. 25 at midnight.

What is Haiku:  A form of Japanese poetry with a total of 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.

                  UPDATE: The contest has ended and we have a winner!

                                                                * * *


                                                                * * *

                                                Honorable Mentions:

                                            Don’t be defeatist.
                                            It’s terribly middle class.
                                            Downton will endure.
                                                                 – Daniel D.

                                            All poor Edith hears
                                            Is Mary, Mary, Mary.
                                            The new Jan Crawley.
                                                                 – Linda O.

                                            Only on Downton:
                                            Childbirth claims more characters
                                            than does World War I
                                                                 – Susan P.

                                                                * * *

  • BenInBrooklyn

    Money woes threaten
    Will Mathew’s Money save the day?
    Find out next season

  • NotAnAsset2theAbbey

    Downton Abbey rules

    Dowager Maggie Smith zings

    Thanks Channel 13

  • http://NYC-ARTS.org Joe Harrell

    Lord Grantham annoys

    Ethel Parks, that dirty bird

    I’ll miss dear Sybil

  • http://www.thirteen.org/program-content/downton-dish-season-3-episode-1/ Gotham Tomato

    No one understands:
    Jilted, wilted, guilted, plain;
    Sing the Edith blues.

  • http://www.thirteen.org/program-content/downton-dish-season-3-episode-1/ Gotham Tomato

    Born from dark shadow,
    O’Brien, curly-banged minx.
    Stealthy. Be afraid.

  • Kathleen Allard

    Upstairs or downstairs

    life’s better when you’re a man.

    But times are changing…

  • JC

    Dear Bates is set free

    Grantham near blows the money

    Watch out for that truck!

  • Marjorie

    End of the season:

    Flash! There was a fatal crash-

    No rhyme nor reason.

  • Diane

    Ups and Downs abound

    Matthew takes money then runs

    Hope for brighter days

  • becca blank

    oh mrs. patmore
    daisy derserves a raise
    carson nods his head

    • becca blank

      ha! let me try this again…

      oh mrs. patmore
      miss daisy deserves a raise
      carson nods his head

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.clark.336 Susan Clark

    Angel or devil?
    O’Brien is the second,
    Ms. Crawley the first.



  • erica in gotham

    Two beauties perish
    Freedom … kiss … a writer buds …
    Two Grantham babes born

  • Pat H

    How easy to grasp
    Characters with just one trait.
    At least they’re British.

  • Sandirn

    Wedding bliss Mary/Matt
    Baby Sybil takes Mom’s place
    Crawley babe, Matt’s gone.

  • NYEarthling

    Downton’s highland fling
    Poor Molesley, the Dancing Fool
    Always a fifth reel

    • Connie

      LOL – this is great !!!

  • Naida

    Overwhelming Joy
    Trials and Tribulations
    Life, in a PBS Saga

  • Deighnan

    Freedom, births and loss

    Soap bubbles surface at last

    A sudden car crash

  • Ann G

    Set free from routine
    Hearts find time to laugh and hope
    Spin the wheel and reel

  • Anna DiMeo

    Grand Downton Abbey
    Lords Ladies Footmen and Maids
    Life’s Joys Tears Sharing

  • Oliver Yourke

    Dickensian tale
    reflecting life’s ebb and flow
    shared by ev’ry soul

  • http://www.facebook.com/liesl.schillinger Liesl Schillinger

    Thomas digs Jimmy,
    Progress comes plus two babies-
    Bye, Matthew and Syb.

  • http://twitter.com/TMax48 Tom Maxson

    Help’s poor behavior
    misfortune meets majesty
    then months to wonder

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenifer.corwin Jenifer J Corwin

    Above, below, salt
    Spills across fresh loves, lives, graves,
    Hurting, healing. Life.

  • Ruth

    english soap opera
    love revenge friendships freedom
    new beginnings death

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.crutchfield Robin Crutchfield

    Matthew dissed and used.
    Price of his stud fee is death.
    Cry over spilt milk.

  • SuBee

    Pain, loss, deep sadness.
    I could really use a drink.
    You’re not a waiter??

    • Connie

      LOL ! I literally laughed out loud. That was such a funny quip in the show.

  • LIMaryann

    Cora’s Mom visits
    Freedom Irish, women,Bates
    Births, deaths, bagpipers

  • Susan

    Englishmen don’t die
    In the house of someone else.
    They die at Downton

  • Morgan G

    Matthew, a new dad,
    merrily driving along,
    waving, smiling, SPLAT

    • SuBee

      I kind of like yours best.

      • Morgan G

        Thank you! :)

  • JanetV

    Thomas back on top
    Edith never gets a break
    A babe for Mary

  • Denise

    The Dowager reigns.
    Cooks,footmen bustle about.
    Babies, cars, all gone.

  • tomi

    Downton Abbey
    Season 3
    happy ending
    not in the script

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debbie-Lackowitz/100000432230140 Debbie Lackowitz

    Mary delivers her babe
    Matthew gone in an instant
    Season three over

  • Sarah V. S.

    One wed; one nearly.
    One born. Jailed Bates released.
    Cricket. An heir born–and yet–

  • Francoise Grab

    Automnal color
    Upstair, downstair, Joy of birth,
    Tragedy decor !

  • Susan

    Edith and Thomas,
    Such lonely, lonely people.
    Convenience marriage?

  • SuBee

    The Bateses, happy.
    Is that enough for comfort?
    This woman thinks yes!

  • krhats

    The Lord and Lady
    Lead Downton with heavy hearts
    Through circles of life

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015275713 Rick Kedenburg

    Wonder tail. although it does need a sail,
    a soap opera for sure
    with it’s own castle – what a hassel

  • http://twitter.com/TMax48 Tom Maxson

    High-born and low-born
    Living with self-assurance
    They’re born into lives

  • http://twitter.com/TMax48 Tom Maxson

    Wealth and poverty
    Through peace and war together
    They live unique lives

  • http://twitter.com/TMax48 Tom Maxson

    Rich and poor alike
    Live lives harmoniously

  • http://twitter.com/TMax48 Tom Maxson

    Born rich or born poor
    Equality comes after
    You live what you dream.

  • KarenChicago

    don’t have a baby
    unless you plan to pass on
    on downton abbey

  • SuBee

    Mary on her own.
    Back in the big dating pool.
    Will she kill again?

  • Lucy

    Matthew is no more
    Lady Mary will become-
    Biting and bitter

  • gabrielle Levin

    You already sent me the Pack
    now all I need’s the tee shirt
    size medium if you please

  • SuBee

    Love, marriage, birth, death.
    Downton Abbey Season Three.
    And Carson abides.

  • SuBee

    Poor Robert Crawley.
    The Earl almost lost his home.
    Now, his almost son.

  • SuBee

    And to the Crawleys born,
    A beautiful son, an heir.
    Don’t name him Shrimpy.

  • Cary

    Matthew driving home.
    AC6 has no rollbar.
    Truck! Brake, turn. Dead. End.

  • Susan

    Oh, dear Dowager,
    Despite the lights and vapors,
    No Gaiety here.

  • John G

    An Old Dowager
    Manipulates lives of all
    Prisoners of Class

  • Susan

    James, you’re not that great.
    Someday the girls will get wise.
    And you’ll lose that hair.

  • Emily

    The Elders push back.
    Matthew can’t really be dead!
    Agonizing wait.

  • Meghan

    Behind on watching / Facebook spoilers all around / Who is still alive?


    Birth of two children!/But no we are made to mourn/Damn you Julian!

  • Eileen Sharan Smith

    Widowed, spurned and dead

    Are Mary, Edith,Sybil

    Bates back. Matthew killed

  • AQ

    Downton Abbey’s curse:
    Just ask Matthew and Sybil,
    Have a child, then die.

  • Duchess

    Its DNA strong
    The Abbey always survives
    Others come and go

  • Susan

    Daisy’s prize, Bates is free
    Thomas even keeps his job.
    I’ll stay downstairs please.

  • Linda Esler

    Everyone changes/but Downton lasts forever/Land outlives people.

  • Cary

    Mr. Carson knows
    When life decants poor claret
    We must carry on.

  • Seanti69

    She helps crack the case!
    The Anna Bates Mysteries
    Should be a spin-off.

  • Bonnie Jan.

    Violet stays cool
    Even amidst her fury.
    Life is a pudding.

  • reader256

    Sybil died-we cried.
    Matthew too – what will we do?
    wait til next season.

  • Dan R.

    Crimson blood drips down
    Blue eyes vacant, seeing naught
    At least there’s an heir.

  • Jorey

    Stale stereotypes
    Irish rebel, drunken Mick
    Thanks muchly, THIRTEEN

  • Jorey

    Stale stereotypes
    Irish rebel drunken Mick
    Thanks Muchly Thirteen

  • http://www.facebook.com/una.lucey Una Lucey

    Evil Edna the housemaid should keep her cottonpickin mitts off Tom

  • http://www.facebook.com/una.lucey Una Lucey

    Having children can be deadly/Just ask Lady Sybil or Matthew

  • Shay

    Mrs. Hughes Mr. | Carson housekeeper butler | Heart and soul Downton

  • Kryswyn

    Bates free Sybil dead
    Downton lives Matthew crashes
    Hail the son and Heir!

  • Mish

    An heir at last, joy!
    longing,birth, death, renewal.
    gorgeous view Brit world!

  • dani s

    To the writers of
    Downton abbey what the hell
    were you thinking

  • GweninAlaska

    Lady Sybil died
    Lady Mary has a boy
    Matthew drives badly

  • Susan P

    Season Three moral:
    Downton Abbey is the worst
    maternity ward.

  • Susan P

    One is born, one dies.
    Downton goes by Equity
    actor quota rules?

  • Susan P

    Downton, it’s time for
    a Doctor Who crossover:
    “Harkness, meet Thomas.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.coley.94 Debbie Coley

      Great idea, I love it!

  • Susan P

    Only on Downton:
    Childbirth claims more characters
    than does World War I.

    • Ben@THIRTEEN

      Susan – Your Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest entry didn’t win, but we love it so we are giving it an Honorable Mention. Thanks for submitting.

      • Susan P


  • Mrs. Drew

    A valet in grey.
    The words of freedom, uttered
    near- M’Lady’s soup.

  • Mrs. Drew

    Ghastly arrangement.
    Italian Communion-fit.
    What is a week-end?

  • Mrs. Drew

    A forbidden love.
    With comradery and care,
    A family stands.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Linda23456 Linda Olsen

    All poor Edith hears
    Is Mary, Mary, Mary.
    The new Jan Crawley.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743041982 Ivy Vale


      • BenInBrooklyn


    • Ben@THIRTEEN

      Linda – Your Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest entry didn’t win,
      but we love it so we are giving it an Honorable Mention. Thanks for

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicki.n.bradley Vicki Neener Bradley

    Actor does not sign
    So protagonist must die
    Art imitates Life

  • Dave

    Poor Sybil is gone / Matthew died and our hearts broke / at least Bates is free!

  • SandraP

    Bates out, Tom outed
    Babies born then parents die
    Mistress Edith writes

  • SandraP

    Death steals birth’s rejoice
    Downton deemed too big to fail
    Shrimpy sends some youth

  • newlini

    You captured my heart
    But cliche’s stole the real art
    Now you’ve jumped the shark

  • newlini

    You captured my heart
    but then cliches stole your art
    Now you’ve jumped the shark

    • Mrs Scribbie

      So true!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000027960485 Raeanne Gillenwater

    Sweet Sybil no more
    Young Matthew meets her beyond
    Cousins left behind

  • YahwehKnows

    WOMEN find their voice
    MEN embracing a New world
    Winning and losing

  • Auggo

    Season Three is done
    Just as good as One and Two
    Now we wait for Four

  • Robyn

    Sybil births, dies, sad.

    Mary bears heir; Matthew dead.

    Upside Downton; WOW!

  • Marta C.

    Sybil and Matthew
    both gone too soon, but at least
    Bates has been released

  • maureen e

    One great, two less so
    three bad, Ethel, Thomas, Bates–
    Sybil, Matthew worst.

  • Diane

    Bates free, Thomas spurned,
    Two new Crawleys–joy and loss:
    Fans feel double-crossed!

  • Meghan C

    Joyous new babies
    Unforeseen tragedy then
    Downton Abbey weeps

  • Stephanie

    Dark days at Downton

    As we mourn a parent of

    The heir apparent.

  • gerry

    spring is in the day
    joy rides in the driver’s seat
    the death of winter

  • Cathy Dee

    Darling, I love you;
    The future’s bright before us
    Let’s call with the news!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jill.coulter Jill Holiday Coulter

    Emotions gamut
    wedding jilting freedom death
    Ladies Lords servants

  • Ann P.

    British Christmas ruined
    Fun ugly American
    Institutions mocked

  • Jean S.

    Maggie do not leave

    Can this possibly be true?

    Stay, you are Downton

  • Starfish Lily

    A house torn, rebuilt.
    Living, loving and leaving.
    Strong hearts will beat on.

  • Madelene G

    Forever lost loves
    Black and lavender landscapes
    Wrap the old and young

  • Amanda

    Babies born, Bates free
    Kisses, fights, forgiveness, death
    Tears at the Abbey

  • http://www.facebook.com/christina.beardmoose Christina Beard-Moose

    Dead baby mama.
    Never watched the programming.
    Facebook is enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.tanner.733 Susan Henry Tanner

    Tragedy abounds:
    Death, misfortune, sorrow, loss –
    Yet hope transcends all.

  • Guest

    The Abbey, silent
    waits for the new season.
    Time machine wanted.

  • MLB

    Bates out. Thomas out.
    Sybil and Matthew are dead.
    Downton mismanaged.

  • MLB

    So some people died.
    Why so Downton in the mouth?
    The show got renewed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/courtney.noonan2 Courtney Noonan

    A struggle for truth,

    Life’s both ends while love endures,

    A modern wave comes.

  • Lori Polin

    Three daughters then two
    Two heirs then only one
    The future unknown

  • Suhlle

    Freedom comes at last.
    Downton’s saved; an heir, secured.
    Death takes two kind souls.

  • MLB

    Some death. Some babies.
    Maggie Smith had the best lines.
    And people gossiped.

  • MLB

    Stay single, Edith.
    Or at least don’t have children.
    It doesn’t bode well.

  • MLB

    Mary got some help.

    Matthew’s penis was just fine.
    Well, that point is moot.

  • MLB

    Doctors, babies, deaths.
    Coming home and coming out.
    And also cricket.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephystephsteph Stephanie Hernandez

    Death falls upon them
    Can their newborns fill that void?
    Hardships they must face

  • Mr. P.’s Theater

    Ponzi scheme – Good Lord!
    We see only what has come,
    Not the terror missed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolinenyc Caroline O’Hare

    May they be happy
    Lavinia said
    Guess the joke’s on us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RedheadMom Patricia M Hall

    Downton Abbey Three
    Two characters lost, sadly
    Contracts not renewed

  • http://twitter.com/gracepap Grace P.

    Bates and Thomas out
    Countess Dowager Zingers
    Finally an heir

  • Maureen M

    The Dowager speaks,
    says, “I must have said it wrong.”
    Thinly veiled insult.

  • Hillary

    Died in childbirth
    Tom proud member of family
    Matthew I miss you

  • Hillary

    Matthew we miss you
    The real Mary no one knows
    Is there more death ahead

  • http://www.facebook.com/leslie.lewis.9028 Leslie Lewis

    What’s up at Downton?
    Weddings, money woes, a Yank
    Birth-death, twice over,

  • http://www.facebook.com/leslie.lewis.9028 Leslie Lewis

    Twenties at Downton:
    Upstairs down, downstairs up – sigh!
    Mainline drama class.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leslie.lewis.9028 Leslie Lewis

    Crawley family
    Lives real life dressed for dinner
    See ups and Downtons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.maines Rebecca Maines

    Every time a
    Baby is born at Downton
    A parent must die.

  • http://twitter.com/ladystardust25 Sarah Packard

    Downton birth curse strikes
    Sybil and now Matthew too
    Bates and Anna next??

  • http://twitter.com/ladystardust25 Sarah Packard

    Matthew cannot drive
    Must we see Dan Stevens’ face
    Covered all in blood?

  • http://twitter.com/theordovician Rachael

    Mourn another month?
    Lady Sybil’d be aghast!
    There’s cricket to win!

  • http://twitter.com/theordovician Rachael

    “Her Ladyship’s soap.”
    Better to drop the line than
    Drop the soap again. . .

  • http://twitter.com/ladystardust25 Sarah Packard

    Two good Crawleys died
    Edith still can’t catch a break
    Thank God Bates is free!

  • zbkat

    Carson fears toasters
    Distracted driving deadly
    Grantham still an ass

  • http://twitter.com/ladystardust25 Sarah Packard

    Bates and Anna had
    Better use protection to
    Avoid the birth curse

  • John James Hickey

    I’m dreaming that in
    Downton Abbey Season Four
    No more Crawleys die.

  • meckins

    The rich are mortal.
    The poor just keep on working.
    On to Season Four!

  • John James Hickey

    I’m dreaming that in
    Downton Abbey Season Four
    No more Crawleys die.

  • Lorelei1959

    Rushing to Downton
    In my fast and shiny car. . .
    Branson’s now the heir.

  • Katie J

    Bates is prison free.
    Sybil’s a mom, then ever gone.
    New heir, new widow.

  • John James Hickey

    You kill our fav’rites–
    It’s more like Dante’s Abbey!
    Have they changed your pills?

  • John James Hickey

    Grief makes one so tired
    The sweetest spirits are gone!
    What’s a Fellowes to do?

  • John James Hickey

    Why am I crying?
    They wouldn’t notice my death
    I don’t mean that

  • John James Hickey

    Do I care about it?
    It’s my third parent, my fourth child
    Downton is my life.

  • John James Hickey

    Thanks for that Julian
    That cheered us up to no end
    You spoiled my Christmas

  • John James Hickey

    I love Greek drama
    Tragedy happens off stage
    But not at Downton!

  • Penny Harter

    both upstairs and down
    the same . . . another sunrise,
    another sunset

  • Rachel W.

    Marxist plays cricket.
    Ethel’s burned the kidney pie.
    Overturned roadster.

  • meckins

    With so many widowed,
    Some, like Mary, must remarry.
    Bells will re-ring soon!

  • Rachel W.

    Alfred has witnessed
    Desperate revolt from restraint:

    Thomas’ reckless kiss.

  • Jenna Sauber

    Maids and men outed;
    Brides and babes abound.
    Death comes to Downton.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katchie.cartwright Katchie Cartwright

    Just started watching.
    If I knew more about it,
    My haiku would kill… ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1001558114 Dreama Buck Pritt

    Bates gets out of jail
    Say farewell to Syb and Matt
    Sympathy for Thom

  • NM

    Lady Violet reigns
    With scathing commentary
    Over Downton’s brood

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1059426770 Colleen Christi Willett

    Bate’s is jail-broken;
    But woe to all new parents!
    Anyone for cricket?

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.m.longbottom Danielle Maria

    Sybil Sybil WHY

  • Thelma

    Weddings debts births deaths
    Betrayals inheritance
    Family freedom

  • Cathy T

    Crowleys face births, death
    keeping traditions alive
    while times are changing

  • http://AldinePublications.com/ Sharon Beck

    So much tragedy.
    They should check their mezzuzahs,
    Three hundred of them.

  • Sue B.

    Carry on, Downton.
    We must not be late for our
    Tea and tragedy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.linehan.779 Kevin Linehan

    Blonde streaks, Matthew dead.
    Through her tears, Anna wonders
    what about the soap?

  • Alice C

    Whether above stairs
    Or below, life delivers
    Great joy and sorrow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.locurto Laura LoCurto

    Anna learns to dance
    Matt saves Downton, drives too fast
    All will be reeling

  • Judith Hoffmann

    Julian Fellowes,
    Faced with Dan Stevens’ leaving,
    Writes plot that splits heirs

  • Jean K

    Fan favorites gone.
    So abrubt, before their time.
    Good Fellowes don’t kill.

  • Jen

    Downstairs and upstairs:
    Released, pursued, and outed;
    Dumped, dead, and widowed.

  • Justin M

    Next time on Downton
    People will start to wonder:
    Which one will die next?

  • Marietta Munoz

    Loved the season, hate that you killed off Matthew! Dirty rotten low down write off! Two dead main characters in one season!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.fricker.79 Lisa Fricker

    Robert loses lots of money
    Matthew saves the day via Lavinia’s money
    Look out look out honey

  • maureen e

    One great, two less so
    Three bad Ethel Thomas Bates
    Sybil Matthew worst.

  • maureen e

    Small things important–
    Lord, Lady, bed, Irish, gay
    Dowager the glue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.fricker.79 Lisa Fricker

    Robert loses cash
    Matthew manages comeback
    Watch out for lorry

  • JML

    Now that Matthew’s gone

    Downton is an orphanage

    Please don’t kill them all!

  • Janet

    Downton’s in the red.
    They should commence a pledge drive
    like Channel Thirteen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elainesharon Elaine Lavine

    Sisters: bride, jilt, died
    Bates free, Thomas out, babies born
    Next year no Matthew

  • http://www.facebook.com/elainesharon Elaine Lavine

    Crawleys save their home
    Two deaths two births bittersweet
    Two weddings one bride

  • Paula McGurn

    sybil, bates, matt, thomas out
    Sybil 2 begun
    ethel reborn
    downton survives all

  • Amy

    Everyone is dead.
    Perhaps another wedding?
    I would be less sad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1008910111 Elisha Hannafey DeMaria

    Upstairs reigns Downton
    Abbey still unkind to hearts
    No one’s truly free

  • http://www.facebook.com/katchie.cartwright Katchie Cartwright

    We’re hooked already,
    But we need more episodes
    Streaming on Netflix…

  • http://www.facebook.com/katchie.cartwright Katchie Cartwright

    Why give us the Pack?
    Because otherwise we’re forced
    To wait for Netflix… :-(

  • alicia vaccaro

    Lord Grantham concedes
    Death and life abound whilst his
    valet is redeemed

  • Maxwell Davidson, III

    Matthew’s death’s an end
    But signals many changes
    new life is afoot…

  • Steve C

    Their contracts are up
    So Sybil and Matthew die
    Sign for seven years.

  • Smilee

    Prison bars and death
    No one safe at Downton now
    Change gives birth to hope

  • Peter P

    Matt And Syb Are Dead
    Lords, Ladies, and Staff Go On
    Uh Oh Here Comes Rose

  • disqus_qz8ap29ffz

    Rich and poor alike;
    the hunger,
    the hunger.

  • mezzolooney

    Mary, Edith, Tom
    All alone for now. Yet love
    Abides for Anna.

  • Paul

    There’s a message here
    Don’t have Downton children or
    A parent will die

  • http://www.facebook.com/witti.repartee Witti Repartee

    Downton has been saved,
    Hard work pays off: fate demands
    Sybil and Matthew.

  • http://twitter.com/tweeterrachel Tweeterrachel

    Marriage, birth and loss
    Downton saved, but life’s costs
    Will traditions reign?

  • Krista

    New lives arise though
    Fortunes fade and times, they change
    Reformer silenced.

  • Franee

    Sybil, Matthew die
    Downton lives on royally
    New heirs and pairs bloom.

  • Lawrence

    All of these workers
    Nobody can read their minds
    We will keep watching

  • LP

    Lips pursed, eyebrow raised.
    Arid witticism drops.
    Dowager’s delight!

  • James Tolbert

    A Season of Love
    Grief Scandal Regret and Death
    Memoirs of Downton

  • http://www.facebook.com/pikamom11 Amparo Pikarsky

    Shirl comes. Sybil dies.

    Edith? Dumped. Bates? Sprung. Tom? Out.

    New heir’s orphaned. Damn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlieberfarb David Lieberfarb

    Farewell to Sybil,

    the best looking Downton lass,

    and Matthew Crawley.

  • Ellen D

    This last, too much gore:
    Killing Matthew? Big mistake!
    I will watch no more.

  • SuBee

    Robert, get a grip!
    Please try to NOT mess things up
    For once in your life.

  • Susan

    Why can you all see
    Richard Carlisle set Bates up
    AND cut Matt’s brake line!!

  • Amy S

    Downton broke, then Downton saved
    Weddings, babies, joy!
    A new heir, Matthew not spared

  • http://www.facebook.com/pikamom11 Amparo Pikarsky

    Dead, dumped, and widowed.
    Those Crawley girls have it rough.
    But Granny’s unscathed.

    • Ben@THIRTEEN

      Congratulations Amparo. You are the Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest winner. Great Haiku! THIRTEEN will follow-up with you by email about claiming your prize.

  • Amy S

    Shrimpy please don’t send

    young Rose to Downton, or else

    Violet will drink

  • Deb

    Both upstairs/downstairs
    Plot, plan , rejoice, mourn……… times three
    How we long for “four”………….

  • Deb

    Matthew came and went
    missing/back/, hurt/whole…….happy

    ……..died……..”contract” over

  • KK

    Poor Edith Crawley
    Mary’s heir won’t kick you out
    At least you have that

  • DuchessA

    no soap erases
    Grantham bad karma. Viewer
    stay tuned and true.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.catalano.16 Christine Catalano

    Estate all tidy,
    relationships settled down.
    Hey! Look at the road!

  • linda c s

    happy sad births deaths

    the times they are a- changing

    let the Twenties roar

  • DuchessA

    Levinson money
    is no balm. Crawleys are cursed
    but they carry on.

  • Amy S

    Downton broke, then saved
    Weddings, babies, joy, new heir!
    We rejoice too soon

  • Amy S

    Downton endures and

    Dowager Countess’ zingers
    make us addicted

  • Kelly

    Old clashes with new
    Two births, tragic deaths, hearts break
    Blasted Thomas stays!

  • Franniegirl

    Uncommonly Profound

  • http://www.facebook.com/mclmal24 Mallory E. McLaren

    Stop the Crawley deaths

    Offing more Crawleys lacks sense

    Let the nobles live

  • mn1328

    Spunky daughter and

    Middle-class heir lost but Vi

    and Downton remain

  • http://twitter.com/oftencalledjen Jennifer Elliott

    [Some] weddings to start,
    Bates free. Babies equal death.
    Bring on the twenties!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnBumblebee Hans Hummel

    Estate with no heir
    Drama above and below
    Please help them my lord

  • Oftencalledjen

    Girl weds. Bates goes free.
    Babies bring death. And of course,
    Dowager comments.

  • Melodie C

    War ends, Bates set free
    Crawley weds; baby; he dead?
    Keep Calm, Carry On

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.woolley.9 Patricia Woolley

    So young die the good .
    The bad get their comeuppance.
    Dowager acerb.

  • Ryan Durkin

    Mary, has a baby.
    Matthew, marries. Matthew, dies.
    Sybil, where are you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/RMDurkin Ryan Durkin

    Sybil, leaves. Matthew, dies.
    Two babies are yet still alive.
    Thomas, what are you doing?

  • Samantha M.

    Everybody dies.

    But they live on through children
    Of the same gender.

  • Dan

    Down went the Great Ship

    To none the spoils of war; the

    Abbey seeks its way

  • S.

    Who won the contest?
    I would really like to know.
    I need a new shirt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurie.harriton Laurie Harriton

    Downs care about Ups
    And, anachronistically,
    Ups care about Downs.

  • http://AldinePublications.com/ Sharon Beck

    So many tragedies.
    They should check their mezzuzahs,
    Three hundred of them.

  • Pam

    Bates freed, Thomas spurned,

    Eclampsia and car crash–
    Death comes to Downton.

  • PRdream

    Winter thaws in Spring,
    With baby footsteps we approach the unknown.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.wolf.56 Janet Wolf

    The silverware is polished

    The table is set

    But who is left to dine?

  • Greg

    Mr. Bates is free
    Sybil is both lost and gained
    Alas! The heir too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.andy.bravo Andy Bravo

    Granny is sassy,
    Edith gets jilted, and then
    Matthew Crawley dies…

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryannorourke Mary Ann O’Rourke

    I came to it late
    Just reached Season Two Show Five
    Now glued to the couch

  • Janice

    I was one of the first ones to post a haiku as soon as this was announced on Facebook. So I’m wondering why don’t I see it here?

    this was my submission…

    The upper class.
    Life is NOT a bitch,
    And then you die.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=810714650 Joe Cogan

    Good bye, dear Sybil
    Robert, you’re bad with money
    Matthew! Let Tom drive!

  • chris

    Matthew saves Downton
    Edith jilted – Cybil dies

    Mary left bereft

  • EMI

    Crawleys had it all
    Death, Jilted, widohood and heir
    next generation wil suceed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ndfritsch Nora Fritsch

    Everybody died
    while i cried and cried… and cried
    no hope anymore

  • apoet

    The Abbey’s dismal
    Without Lady Sybil there
    To sweeten Spring up.

  • apoet

    Another Downton Abbey Haiku

    Matthew Crawley’s dead.
    Say, how sad, how untimely. [how sad—surprise]
    Show’s got you again.

    But don’t you worry.
    Lady Mary will get suitors
    Lined up like mad fleas. [hornets.]

  • apoet

    Look out for my facebook page/website featuring PBS-inspired poetry
    coming soon!!!

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