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Downton Abbey Cast and Creators Webcast

Experiencing acute symptoms of Downton Abbey withdrawal? Thanks to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, you can catch up with the Downton Abbey cast in this recording of our live webcast from May 3, 2014.

It’s an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the Primetime Emmy® Award winning drama, through the eyes of cast members Joanne Froggatt (Anna), Robert James-Collier (Thomas), Sophie McShera (Daisy) and Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes).

Julian Fellowes, creator and executive producer, and Gareth Neame, executive producer, also join in the conversation which is moderated by Fandango’s Dave Karger.

Downton Abbey Season 4 is available on Blu-ray and DVD from ShopPBS.org.

  • HopeWFaith

    Public Television’s decision to BLOCK all people from watching season 2 of Mr. Selfridge is quite dishonest, completely unacceptable to me as a past contributor. This kind of nonsense is why I am not giving this year. Not now, not ever again, if you plan to turn PBS into a righwinglike machine where money is your only objective. I’ve tried every single day since the Season 2 Episode 7 show aired to go online and watch it, since I missed the airing. Not once has your site allowed me to see any of it. The management at PBS has turned against the American audience and is delivering nothing but repeat shows of music history. If you don’t like musicals, you’re out of luck. Well no thank you to PBS. I won’t be tuning in or buying or contributing, since this new ugly attitude has been adopted by your latest Management. Really cheap shots, PBS! And no, I do not agree that you get to have my email address and spread it around multiple entities so you can flood my inbox with junk mail. That is not the way to win an audience. As the Brits would say, you can Bugger off, PBS!

    • cjt

      I cannot believe this either, very pissed off customer!

    • DV & Child Custody

      I couldn’t agree with you more !

    • kris

      Bravo! You said what I think, this is unacceptable!

  • Linda

    What happened to the Escape Artist tonight????

    • mediaman

      It seems to be scheduled on 13 @9pm.

      • mediaman

        Sorry .. it’s on channel 21 tonight (Mon) N O T channel 13.

  • jillydear

    I think the Koch brothers bought PBS.

    • DV & Child Custody

      Woo, we need to file a Petition on line and protest them !

  • DV & Child Custody

    I’ve been trying to watch “Downton Abbey” for the longest ! Can’t not found on Chan 13 PBS ! SEEMS LIKE YOU NEED TO BE A TIME WARNER CABLE TV SUBSCRIBER !

  • Forbes

    All part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy funded by the Koch Brothers! How ever did all these complainers figure it out? It was supposed to be double top secret. Maybe your tinfoil hat is interfering with the reception…

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