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DIORAMA In Pictures: The Alaska Moose Group

Original field studies and vintage archive of the Alaska Moose Group from the shelves of The American Museum of Natural History's Research Library.

Alaska Moose Group

Click on images to enlarge and see vintage footage of moose in the Alaska wilderness as well as the original field studies and models that led to the creation of the Alaska Moose diorama in The American Museum of Natural History’s Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals.

Source: AMNH Digital Special Collections

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DIORAMA is for science nerds, backyard explorers, animal enthusiasts and urban naturalists. It’s a series of digital shorts from the wondrous halls of The American Museum of Natural History, taking inspiration from the Museum’s classic dioramas and behind-the-scenes archive.

DIORAMA is an exploration of curiosity — where science, art and history all meet.

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