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THIRTEEN’s Constitution Quiz

Test your own knowledge of the U.S. Constitution---its history and its role in today's debates on rights and regulations. Ten fans that complete the quiz will be selected at random to win a copy of book, The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It, autographed by host Peter Sagal.

The four-part series premieres Tuesday, May 7 at 9 p.m.

THIRTEEN’s Constitution Quiz

Ten fans that complete the quiz will be selected at random to win a copy of book, The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It, autographed by Constitution USA host Peter Sagal.

  • Whitney

    Tough. Humiliating. Am I still a citizen?

    • Chris Knight

      But now you’re a more informed citizen, the best kind, right?

  • nel

    you really should also have a link to the actual program page from this page. I clicked on the Quiz link from an email and then had to search around a bit before I found the page that told me more about the actual program.

    • Chris Knight

      Advice taken! Thanks, nel.

  • Emily

    thanks. A humbling experience and one that inspires learning!

  • Charlotte

    It pays to remember my high school US History.

  • me

    Interesting how PBS, which receives federal funds, issues a test on the US Constitution that has so many questions on same-sex-marriage. Your political partisanship truly shows!

    • http://www.wnet.org/ WNET

      There is a single question on same-sex marriage in the quiz, and that is there because two sides recently argued their positions in the Supreme Court. No partisanship there, we’re just including current Constitutional questions to show how that historic document is always revisited.

      • Oscar_DeGrouch

        It’s also an issue that addresses quite a few constitutional issues in relation to states’ rights and the definition of citizenship. If one can get beyond their prejudices, one would see this.

    • stephanie

      Really? This is very relevant now. That is what they are working on now! So get a grip! Stop listening to Fox! And let me guess you didn’t do well!

  • bob

    i agree humbling experience learning never ceases

  • Washington pesantez

    Constitution has to be teach from the basis most people does not know. when the constitution was Wright and the content a educational program should be address to this very important document by the founding fathers

  • J Coll

    There is a mistake on your quiz. The federal income tax is first mentioned in the 1787 document but it was in relation to the census (Art I Sect 2 Clause 3). The 16th Amendment makes an income tax allowable not in relation to the census.

    • qpacbob

      Question 13 includes the word “income”. Art I Sect 2 Clause 3 does not include the word “income”; the 16th Amendment does. Perhaps a misleading or poorly worded question, but then what would a test be without at least one such question.

  • Oscar_DeGrouch

    #11 tripped me up. While it is true that 2/3 is needed to PROPOSE an amendment, 3/4 of state legislatures are necessary to ratify an amendment.


    Loved the first program – thanks to PBS (and Peter), for such an enlightening show. Even our 17yr old likes it!



  • 8th grade Civics teacher

    Glad that retirement has not dimmed this former Civics teacher’s memory!

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