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Bowery Dish: Preview

“Bowery Dish” from Logical Chaos on Vimeo.

  • http://gravatar.com/bethgreenwald14 beth

    I loved the old Bowery, having grown up in Manhattan on the Upper East Side in the 1960’s and early 70”s. The more it became populous with upscale tenants the less character was left.

  • Evelyn Rogoff

    I just sent a whole letter regarding an error in your Program Guide, which keeps throwing me on Disqus when I verify my gmail address and password. something is wrong with your system.

    • Evelyn Rogoff

      I am trying to record the Billy Joel Gershwin Prize program from this past Friday. Your program guide scheduled it as a repeat for this Monday but My TIVO shows that Independent Lens is scheduled at that time. Please follow what you have in the Program Guide and do the Repeat.

  • Joan

    I was ready to view the Billy Joel Gershwin repeat as listed in the guide, but Independent Lens is on instead. I see I’m not the only disappointed viewer. Please reschedule

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