Frank Jacoby & Doris Storm

In 1948, Frank and Doris Jacoby were hired to put Channel 13 (then commercial station WATV) on the air. One year later, Frank Jacoby left to become a network director at NBC, and in 1954, he went on to run the Metropolitan Educational Television Association’s (META) educational television facility, WNET’s precursor. Frank helped build a studio and produce programs such as teaching sessions for languages like Russian and French; a program on the history of theater, and one on linguistics. His work at META earned him the coveted Sherwood Award. META ran out of funding and decided to close down in 1959 until more could be raised. After META closed, Frank joined the United Nations to film for Alistair Cooke. In 1965 he founded Jacoby/Storm Productions in Westport, which still produces TV documentaries and films for major corporations.