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Date Guest Title
10/11/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac, Part II
10/04/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac
09/20/2014 Rieckhoff, Paul A Patriot’s Patriot
09/13/2014 Herman, Susan Freedom from Religion
09/06/2014 Blacc, Aloe The Soul Man
08/30/2014 Roth, Michael Why Liberal Education Matters
11/23/2013 Levine, Arthur Generation On A Tightrope
09/01/2012 Maestas, Nicole A Nation Working Longer… Perhaps Doing Better – Part II
05/26/2012 Brody, Jane Living Better and Longer Thanks to Jane Brody
12/17/2011 Gregorian, Vartan The Idea and the Uses of a Foundation, Part I
06/02/2011 Plum, Fred In Memoriam: Fred Plum, MD 1924-2010
12/03/2010 Rosen, Jeffrey The Web Means the End of Forgetting, Part II
06/26/2010 Botstein, Leon Leon Botstein… the Bard at Bard
06/16/1994 Sterling, Claire Our Thieves’ World, Part I
06/16/1994 Sterling, Claire Our Thieves’ World, Part II
04/12/1985 Greenspan, Alan FTED: Social Security
03/01/1985 Giuliani, Rudolph W. FTED: Organzied Crime
01/12/1984 Chavez, Linda FTED: How Far to the Right for the New Civil Rights Commission?
02/13/1983 Kissinger, Dr. Henry FTED: Haig and Kissinger
03/01/1940 Podcast

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