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Date Guest Title
12/07/1982 Conboy, Kenneth The Exclusionary Rule: Consequences and Controversies
12/01/1982 Redlich, Norman More About the Law
08/13/1982 Morgenthau, Robert Criminal Justice
06/04/1982 Michels, Robert Informed Consent
05/26/1982 Wachtler, Sol The Rights of Criminals vs. The Rights of Citizens
11/19/1981 Conboy, Kenneth The Exclusionary Rule
03/11/1981 Conboy, Kenneth More About the Law
02/27/1981 Sovern, Michael More About the Law
02/20/1981 Frankel, Marvin Lawyers and Their Penchant for the Adversarial
12/30/1980 McKay, Robert Justice and the Law, Part I
12/30/1980 McKay, Robert Justice and the Law, Part II
11/04/1980 Stern, Philip Lawyers on Trial
04/29/1979 McGill, William Litigiousness
03/03/1978 Nizer, Louis The Berger Quote
04/06/1975 Wachtler, Sol A Jurist Looks at the Law
03/02/1975 Nizer, Louis The Law In America
10/13/1974 Murphy, Patrick Is Justice Done?
03/29/1959 Kelley, Florence The Criminal, Fair Play, and the Law
02/23/1958 Ernst, Morris Lawyers and Unpopular Causes, Part II
02/09/1958 Marshall, Thurgood Lawyers and Unpopular Causes, Part I
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